4 Pillars of FREEDOM in Network Marketing

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I want to talk to you about four pillars of freedom in network marketing.

When it comes to home based business, when it comes to network marketing, if you boil it down why most people do this business is freedom because basically, earning incredible income, having the time freedom to be able to work from home and work wherever you like, ultimately, it gives you choices, it gives you freedom, so that you can spend time with the people that you want to be spending time with, so that you can build business with the people that you like working with, that you can spend more time with your children with your family.

So in essence, its freedom that we all seek in the home based business, in building an incredible business. So the idea is then to develop this freedom, the required four parts in network marketing business, if you don't have those four parts in your business, you'll struggle to create freedom in your business, you might create some income, you can create a fairly good income, but there might not be much freedom because there's a difference between having a job where you're exchanging your time for money all the time and you can have a job in a business too. If your business is not giving you passive income, if your business is not giving you freedom, then it's a job. It’s basically what you have to work every single day. So what are these four parts for freedom in network marketing business?

The first part is selling. I know a lot of people try to disguise selling, hide selling, avoid selling, they call it different names, they say we don't sell, we recommend, we share, but hey, guys, let's cut the crap. You know that in network marketing, in order for this business to work, in order for this business is to give you a huge income, there has to be a movement of products because if nobody's consuming products, if nobody is selling the products, then hey, you're not going to be earning much money, because that's what the business is based on.

The only way that the company can reward you with incredible income is that your team moves the product, that your team creates the volume, because if nobody is consuming products, if nobody's buying products from the company, where will the company take the money from to pay you? Let's think about it. So there has to be sales in your business, because that's, in essence, what drives everything, sales in the world drives everything, nothing happens in the world without somebody selling something. So whether it's in the shops, whether it’s hotels, whether it’s transportation, whatever, everything is sales. And in essence, we also sell ourselves.

So sales is an incredible part of this business, but like I said earlier on, selling is a job. So, when you have a job, you go to work, you get paid, but if you don't go to work, you don't get paid. Well, sales is exactly the same. If you sell loads this month, you earn pretty good income, but what if you don't sell next month, you don't make any money. So there's no passive income to it. It's mainly just active income, where you're exchanging your time for money. So it's important, but that's just one part out of four.

The second part of the four parts for freedom in your network marketing business, is recruiting. So it's building that team and sharing the vision with that team. So recruitment is an incredibly important part of the business. There’s a lot of people who get into network marketing, who get into home based business and they only sell and they go, “Well, I don't get this network marketing.” Well, because you're not doing all of it, you're only doing a part of it.

For network marketing to truly work for you, you need to build a team, because there's only so much you can do by yourself and you will reach a limit where physically, it's just not enough hours in day to sell more, to do it all personally by yourself. So you need to start recruiting, that you start building a team. So now you’re multiplying yourself, you’re like cloning yourself. So if you've got a team member, now there's two of you, if each of you got a team member each, now there's four of you and so on and it starts expanding, it starts growing. So that's the second pillar for your network marketing freedom. There has to be recruiting happening within your business.

Part number three and this is where a lot of people start dropping the ball. Because most people in network marketing will succeed in selling, some will succeed in recruiting, but not many will succeed in creating the duplication. So the third part for freedom in your network marketing business is duplication. So is it only you who sell and nobody else is selling in your team? Is it only you who recruits but nobody else is recruiting in your team? If the answer is yes, then there's no duplication in your business. Because duplication is when you do something, then you're inviting people do the same thing and then they're inviting people do the same thing and so on.

It starts duplicating down the line. So that's what you want to create in your business, you want to create independent leaders in your business, you want to create independent people in your business, where the business starts growing, without you being present. How does that sound? Where you become irrelevant, your team no longer needs you. Your business starts growing, whether you there or not, whether you do the training or not, whether you do the presentation or not. Your business just starts expanding, it starts growing, why? Because you created independent leaders, so it’s down to you to train and teach and work with people in order to help them to become independent from you.

So if you’re trying to be the answer to all problems, if you have the attitude of ‘if you want to get it right, you have to do it yourself,’ then you'll struggle in this business, because you will never create duplication, because you’re always going to be the best person who does the presentation, you’re always going to be the best person who does the training, you’re always going to be the best person who does the recruiting, you’re always going to be the best person who does the selling, because you're not allowing others to do it. Because you're not allowing other people on the stage. Because you're not allowing other people to deliver the training, you get what I'm saying.

You need to let other people in your team to get the spotlight, you need to let the other people in the team to get on the stage, you need to let the other people to do what they need to do to become successful in the business. So we have a very good system saying, “Tell, show, try do.” So you tell your person what to do, then you show them how to do it. So you’re doing it and they’re watching you, then you let them try doing it whilst you're observing to make sure that they're doing it right and once they got it right, then you let them do it. They no longer need you. So you want to create independent leaders in your business, who are building the business without you being there, where you are no longer required, that creates duplication.

And then finally, the last pillar number four, and that's something that even I'm still working on, even I'm still finding challenging sometimes is leadership. Leadership is the biggest challenge in the business, because your level of leadership will influence, will impact your organization. So, if you are a leader like that, then your organization can only grow up to that point, if you become better leader your organization can grow higher, if you become a better leader your organization can grow higher, and so on and so on. So your level of leadership will determine how your business grows, will determine how successful you become, will determine how good your team develops, and so on.

So again, it's a constant work to become a better leader and that's why one of the reasons why I'm here in Las Vegas now attending this event, big part of it is for me to become a better leader, is to learn what other leaders do and especially what the female side of the business do, because this event is called
Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing, and I'm a guy, so I'm getting a back scene view, you know, the sneak peek into the other side of this business, how do the women build this business because hey, over 70% of people in network marketing are women.

So you might as well learn how to work with women. Because if you don't know how to work with women, you’ll struggle to build a huge business. So again, it's all about becoming a better leader and these women over this three day training who are teaching us there are some of the top leaders in the world. So I want to pick their brain I want to see what they are doing. So I can also learn and adapt those things and I can too become a better leader to my team, you get what I'm saying? So it's a constant development, it's a constant learning.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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