4 Levels Of Action

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I want to talk about the four levels of action. Why is it important?

Well, it's important because the amount of action that you take will be more important than the business you promote, than the product you sell, than the concept you're trying to put across. The action, the amount of work, the amount of action you put in is a lot more important than anything else, because you can have the best idea in the world, but if you don't use it, if you don't act on it, then it will remain as an idea. They say the richest person on earth is the cemetery because of all the ideas that are buried there, of all the great inventions that are buried there.

So the first level of action that people take is doing nothing, is basically doing taking no action at all. And these people are usually bored, they usually lethargic, their life is not great for them because simply they are doing nothing, they basically choose to do nothing and doing nothing takes energy too because if you do nothing at work, if you do nothing at home, if you do nothing in relationships, then you have to spend energy explaining why you're not progressing, why you're not getting that promotion, so on and so on.

So doing nothing also requires energy and emotion, but it's one of the failures, it's one of the causes of failure. So this first level of activities is one of the causes of failure, because when you choose not to do anything, not to progress your life or business or anything, any way forward, when you just choose to do nothing and just let it go, go with the flow, then it's very, very difficult to become successful.

The second level of activity is to the retreat. And again, a lot of people choose this, they choose the retreats, instead of going forward, they actually going backwards. And you see these people very often because they had bad experience, because they had some sort of a misfortune in the life, they choose to retreat. So people go, “Oh, the stock market is too volatile. So I'm not going to invest.” Retreat, having a great relationship and great marriage is just too difficult. So I will stay single, retreat, trying to exercise and eat healthfully is just too difficult, so I'm just going to stay fat retreat.

A lot of people just choose to retreat, where they basically decide to avoid things that could change their life. So if let's say I give an example of buying a book, so the first level do nothing, the person will buy the book, put it on the shelf and never read it, because they never do anything. The retreaters wouldn't even buy the book, they would be in the bookshop, or they would be an airport, see this book that could change the life, they go, “Oh, no, it would never work for me, no.” And they won't even buy the book because they retreat, they go the opposite direction. So these first two levels of activity is actually the cause of failure, either doing nothing or retreating. Getting away from everything, being scared of rejection, being fear of failure, is one of the biggest reasons for failure because you will definitely fail unless you take action.

The third level of activity is doing normal levels of activity. So doing what everybody else is doing. And the problem with the third one is that is what widely acceptable. So it's actually accepted. If you just do normal level, it's okay, right? But actually, good is the enemy to great, normal is the enemy to excellent. So if you just do normal, you can never have a breakthrough, you can never go to another level, because normal level of activity will lead to a mediocre life. If you want to live like everybody else, and then do what everybody else does. So it's not a way to progress. It's not a way to have a breakthrough in your life, if you just take normal level of activity.

But the best level of activity number four is, of course, the massive action is taking massive action. And that's of course, the best level of activity. And this is the level of activity that can make the breakthrough in your life that can make a breakthrough in your business that can make a breakthrough in your health, and soon as taking massive action. And if you think about it deeply, actually, it's the one natural state of activity. It's what nature shows, look, if you look in the ants nest, if you look in the beehive, they're not chilling, they're not relaxing, they're busy, busy, busy putting a massive amount of action to ensure the survival of the species, to ensure the survival of the colony, to ensure the survival over wintertime. So they take massive action.

If you plant the tree, how tall will the tree grow? It will grow as tall as it can grow. If you have a fish in the lake, how big will the fish grow as big as it can nature, they don't go to psychologists and go, “Oh, you need to take to chill out, you need to relax a bit. You know, you don't want to get a burnout,” No, in nature, everything goes to the maximum everything goes to as much as they can. You don't get a tree that grows halfway and decides I'm not going to grow anymore; I'll just stay like that. No, the tree will just keep growing, keep expanding. But human beings are the only species on Earth that choose not to progress, choose not to grow, and choose not to go for the full potential. And that's the biggest tragedy of course.

If you want your life to change, if you want to get those great results, guess what you need to do, you need to take massive action. Like I said at the beginning, massive action will be more important than your method than the technique than the strategy. Because you can have the best group in the world, you can have the best strategy in the world. But if you don't put it into action, it will never give any results. It will never make you take you to the next level because you will just be laying there right? So you need to take massive action. And once you do that, you'll see incredible things happen in your business, in your health, in your relationships, in every single area of your life.

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