3 ways to react when the company changes

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I wanted to share with you three ways how to react or how you could react when the company changes, when they change the prices, when they change the product, when they change the marketing plan, when they change the rules, and these things happen.

One thing you have to understand that the most permanent thing is change, everything is always changing and your company is not exception, things will change in your company, the products will change, the ingredients will change, the prices will change, the marketing plan will change, and many other things will change. Now there's three ways how you can react to that when it happens as a leader, growing a team.

The first way to react, what a lot of people do is just ignore it, is just to be in denial, so that's probably the least effective way to react to it where you just basically ignoring it, like trying to pretend it's not happening, trying to pretend nothing is going on and you just carry on as normal. So that's the first way to react. Obviously, it's not helpful because your team members will know things are changing, they will be asking questions.

Second way to react is just to announce the change. So again, just to go to your team and go, “Hey guys, things are changing. This is what happened.” And that's again, just announcing it very often, it can have a negative impact on your business, because people will interpret the change very often, negatively. Why? Because we are the animals of habit, we like for things to stay the same. We would like the prices to stay the same forever. We would like everything to stay the same forever. Of course it can't. Things are moving, things are changing, prices are going up and things like that. So that's again, not very helpful.

And the third way to behave or react when the company changes something is to speak to your team and frame it in a positive way, how that's going to impact them. So let's say, I don't know, your company releases a new product, some people might look at it in a negative way, it’s a change, etcetera, but then again, you explain to them that, hey, now you're going to have another stream of revenue because all of your team members now will be able to purchase this product.

Let's say the company changes the pricing of the products and the products go up in price dramatically, right? Again, a lot of people could interpret that as a negative. But again, you can speak to your team and say, “Hey, guys, this is what happened, the company has changed the pricing of the product, the product has gone up in price, but it's great, because we will be able to make a lot more money by selling this product.” Company might change market plan and let's say the company changes the marketing plan, and you start earning less because of that change. That's not nice. You might get upset about that. But again, you can frame it in a positive way, you can go to your team and say, “Hey, guys, this is what happened, the company has adjusted the marketing plan, which means we will be paid a little less.

However, this will ensure that our business is stable and sustainable, which means we can be paid for many, many, many years to come, instead of our company paying too much and then going out of business in a couple of years.” You know what I mean? And every single change, however negative it might look to you to begin with, you can frame it in a positive way. Because your company is a business and business wants to make money. So most of the time your company's not going to make decisions that are not good for the business. It may be not good for one or two different distributors, yeah, sometimes it happens. But they will never make a decision that is not good for the business. Because why would you cut a branch on which you are sitting right?

But sometimes short term, it might look negative, but long term, it always works out positive. So as a leader, don't be afraid of changes. Don't shy away from them. Don't live in denial, don't you just ignore it and put your head in the sand and hope it's going to go away because it won't instead address the change to your team and frame it in a positive way so people know why these things are happening and know why it's going to be positive for them in their business.

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