3 ways to INVITE people to take a look at your Network Marketing business opportunity

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When it comes to inviting people that you know to take a look at your business opportunity many people are unsure what to say NOT to scare their friends away. Many people actually do RUIN their contacts by saying the WRONG thing or in a wrong way. 

Here are the three ways a network marketing rockstar Eric Worre recommends to invite people:

1. Direct Approach

This is, unfortunately, what most network marketers use ALL THE TIME. Using this approach you are basically directly invite the person to take a look at your business based on something they have said to you. For example:

"Hey John, you know how you mentioned the other day that you are struggling to get any overtime at your job and that you guys are barely covering the bills? Well I found something that I think both of us could use to earn some extra income. If I sent you a short video about this opportunity would you watch it?" 

Now even though there is nothing WRONG with using this direct approach, it is a little bit "in your face" and can get people on the defensive as they will want to protect their ego by thinking "Do I look like somebody who needs extra income" especially if you are using it on strangers.

2. Indirect Approach

The second approach is much more gentle and does not hurt peoples ego's as much. It goes something like this:

"Hey Mary, I have just started this very exiting project where I am helping people earn extra income from home on their free time. Do you know anyone who might be looking to earn more money?"

In this approach we are not offering the business opportunity to the individual directly, instead we are asking them if they know anyone who might be interested in earning extra income. This way there is still a big chance they will say "Hey! I would be interested, what is it?" but now it's better because they are asking for it, it's not you who is "pushing" it onto them.

3. Super Indirect Approach

This approach is great for 2 groups of people. First group: people who are on your "chicken list". These people are those who you very highly respect and are too afraid to prospect because you think they are "too successful to join your business" or "make too much money to be interested". Now I bet you would be surprised how many of them actually would be open to hear about your business. But I get it, you are a bit shy to invite them so you can instead use the "super indirect approach on them". It would sound something like this:

"Hey uncle Peter, I have recently joined a home based business that I am very excited about and I know it is definitely not something you would be interested in, however, would you mind taking a look at our business opportunity video so that you may recommend me on to some people in the future"

The second group of people you can use this approach on is your "burnt list". What is the BURNT LIST I hear you ask? Well if you are like some people, you might have previously been in a number of different network marketing companies and you have quit them, so you went and invited your friends and family to all of them and over time they have lost faith in you and became IMMUNE to your money message. Meaning you could come to them now and say if you give me £10 I will give you £20 back right away and they would say "no thanks I'm alright". Because they have not seen you succeed and be consistent in any of the previous businesses they are simply not interested in what you have to offer anymore. 

So here is how it would sound:

"Hey Tom, I know my business is not for you, however I have a really cool product that does ...... and I would really appreciate if you would give it a try and become my customer"

With people who are immune to your money message you definitely want to lead with a product and hope that maybe after using the product and seeing it's quality they might come around and be open to take a look at your business at a later date.

Here is a video where I go into more detail:

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