3 Ways To Influence People

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

This topic is about three ways how to influence people. So especially when it comes to home based business, especially when it comes to you building a successful team, you have to become an influencer. You have to be influencing people because unless you have a way of influencing people, how are you going to build these huge organizations of thousands, maybe 10s of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people? So it's super, super important to know that and to have ways to influence. So today, I'm going to share three ways. Now that's not the only three ways to influence people, but it's a pretty good three ways to influence people.

So the first way to influence your people is to help them to think differently. One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself somebody is a gift of philosophy, of changing the mindset, because if you been into business or personal development arena for any length of time, you probably heard it a million times that the attitude is what's really important, that the mindset is what really counts because, hey, if somebody has a bad mindset, if somebody has bad attitude, there's no amount of how to training will change anything for them. Why? Because they will be negative, they will be pessimistic.

So for me, the biggest gift that I've ever received was when I first started learning about personal development and listening or watching guys like Jim Ron, like Les Brown, Zig Ziegler, Tony Robbins, all of these guys have started to shape my mind, to shape my philosophy, to shape my attitude. So that was probably the biggest gift that I've received ever because it doesn't matter right now, I can lose all my money, I can lose all my business. The mindset, the things, the way I think, nobody can take it away from me. So that's the first way you know, the first way you influence people is by changing their mindset. And hey, before you start going, “Oh, I'm not good enough to change other people's mindset or to teach people philosophy."

Look, you don't need to be a PhD in philosophy to change somebody's mindset, sometimes is very simple things that you can explain to another person that can shift their mindset, that can change the way they look at things, that can change the rest of their life, if you just say small things. So for me, this medium, these Facebook Lives is one of my ways of changing other people's thinking, of influencing other people because what I'm learning, I always want to bring it to you, if I hear an interesting thought, if I listen to an interesting podcast, if I watch an interesting video, if I purchase a program that I consume, and I'm thinking, wow, that would be useful for you, straight away, I want to put it across, I want to give it to you because maybe, just maybe, for one of you something will click into place, something will change and that changes a whole of your business, that changes the whole of your results, that changes the whole of your relationships and you become super successful because of that one thing, because success is not like a super complicated thing.

Usually success is like a combination lock. So you might have four digits on the lock and most of you, you've already got two or three digits. Sometimes you just need one more click, and then you go, “Oh my god, how did I not think of this before myself, but now that I know it, I have a track to run them.” So the first way how you influence people is by teaching people to think differently, because nobody teaches us, think about even, I don't want to get really deep into this, how the government, how the education system, how the certain institutions are shaping your mindset, and even by changing words, think about it, something like daydreaming, like, at school teachers tell you, “Stop daydreaming.” What does that mean? What does that mean?

Daydreaming means thinking, when you’re daydreaming at school, that means you’re thinking about something. So what the school is teaching you, they’re saying, “Stop thinking, stop thinking for yourself. Stop thinking, just listen to what we are telling you.” Interesting, isn't it? Words like depression, it's very used commentary, “Oh, I'm depressed, oh I'm depressed.” Because when you put a label like depressed, then it's easy, just pop a pill, just go to a shrink, but what is depression?

Depression is sadness, but it would be super difficult to deal with people if they came to you, if you went to a friend and you start saying, “Well, how you doing?” And he goes, “Oh, I'm pretty sad, the work is not going great and the family things, I'm just really sad, I've been really...” You'd have to do something like, “Oh my gosh, this person is really sad.” But let's give it a label of depression. Now we can just give them some pills, now we're just getting them up to the shrink, a psychiatrist, so little things like that.

So when you start teaching people to think differently, you are truly influencing people. And that might be your family members, teaching them to think differently, it might be your business partners, which is like, for me, that's like, the one thing that I'm really passionate about, is helping me because no amount of training, no amount of how to, no amount of scripts and lines and tweaks will change anything for your team unless you teach them how to think like a business person, how to think like an entrepreneur. So that's the first way how you truly influence people.

The second way you truly influence people is by challenging them. And again, we live in a society where everybody gets medals for participating. There's no longer like, first, second, third place. Everybody gets a medal. Oh, well done Timmy for participating, you will last but here is a medal for you. So people are being trained, again, to be mediocre, not to strive for anything big, not to challenge the status quo, not to ask unnecessary questions. People are being made into cows. I don't know if you heard of rhinos, and the cows and rhinos, each person is born as a rhino,
  with big dreams, with desire to achieve big things in the life, to go through the jungle of challenges and come out on the other end to the dream life, but the school, the education, the government conditions these rhinos into becoming cows, and cows, they're just going to pasha on the piece of grass, they just munching the grass all day long and they're happy where they are, they can’t live the dream life, they can’t live in the dream house, they can’t drive the dream car, but they just condition to that. So you as a leader, if you truly want to influence people, on your team, in your business, in your family, in your community, you want to start challenging people. And I don't mean like, challenge people to a duel, and cause aggro and fight them, not that type of challenge.

What I mean is challenge people out of the comfort zone, challenged people out of the stuck way of thinking, challenge people out of putting themselves down all the time, challenge people, out of setting two goals too low and hitting them all the time. They say that failure is -- most people fail, that’s not because they set a goal too high and failed to hit it. Most people fail because they set the goal too low, and hit it all the time. You know what I mean? They just set a goal, “Well I need to survive this month, I need to pay my bills this month.” And they hit that goal, every single month, they go out, they work few days over time, they make enough money, pays the bills, pays the mortgage payment, rent, pays the car payment, buys the food, gets few pieces of clothes,
 maybe goes out to the pub for few drinks, and they survived. Great. I've hit my goal next month.

What's my goal to survive again? And they keep surviving. But they're wondering, why is my life not changing? Why am I not becoming successful? Why am I not like this person who's driving a Ferrari? Why am I not like this person who lives in a mansion? Why am I not like this person who is a successful businessman, because they didn't set a goal to survive.

They set a goal to drive a flicking Ferrari; they set a goal to live in the mansion. That's why they’re there. Because you’re setting a goal to survive to do the bare minimum. That's why you’re getting the minimum. You know, you get what you aim for. So again, your role as a true
influence is to challenge those things is to say to a person, “Hey, you're better than this. I think you could do more than that. I think you could do 10 times that.” And that's, you know, you’re believing in that person, before they even believe in themselves sometimes, because sometimes people been beaten down in life, so many times by other people, by teachers, by family members, by friends, by other people, where they get into a place where they lose the faith that they are good enough to achieve anything in life, that they could do something bigger, you know, because everybody's been laughing at them, because everybody been saying to them how stupid they are, how ridiculous they are, how whatever they are, you know what I mean?

So sometimes your role is to challenge their thinking, is to go “Look, I don't care what other people told you. I don't care what you've been telling yourself. I'm telling you, you have greatness inside of you. That's my story. And I'm sticking to it.” You know what I mean? So your role as an influence is to challenge people, because that again, will help them to go to the next level in their life. So that's number two.

Number three way for you to influence people is to become a role model, is to become an example for them. Because by talking, you can only go so far. But when you become a role model, when you start showing people what it means to be an influence, what it means to be a leader, what it means to be an entrepreneur, what it means to be a great dad, a great mom, or great brother, or great sister, what it means to be a great friend or great spouse, that's when you're going to get influence people to do things differently. Because they look at you and they'll go, “Oh my god, look at this person, look at what they’re doing, I need to change, I need to do something, and I need to do what this person is doing.”

So that's a third way how you can influence is by becoming a role model. You know, do as I say, not as I do, doesn't work for real. It only what you do is what duplicates is what's being copied. You know, and you're setting an example, you being a role model in all sorts of different situations. And it's all connected guys as well. So you know, it's always your duty to become successful, it's always your duty to do the best, it's always your duty to go to the max, because it's being observed by other people.

So if you are in a habit of giving up too early, or throwing in the towel too early, of starting things, but never finishing them, guess what, that's not only influencing your business, that's influencing everything, because your kids are observing you, your spouse is observing you, your
neighbors are watching you, your friends are watching, your family members are watching you, your community people are watching you, your church people are watching you, everybody is watching you.

I love how Tee have Eca says how you do anything, is how you do everything. How you do anything, is how you do everything. So you can be super sloppy and lazy in this area of your life and expect it not to affect the other areas of your life. So what do you do in your business because again, I'm very passionate about the business about an entrepreneurship about, excellence in that field, but what you do in this field is going to affect it's going to snowball, it's going to contaminate other areas of your life too. And it works both positive and negative. So if you’re starting things and dropping them, if you're throwing in the towel to it all the time, if you’re not going all the way to the end, if you just dipping your toe and playing hockey pokey, you know, one foot in and one foot out one foot in and one foot out all the time, then that's going to affect your health, it's going to affect your relationships, it's going to affect everything, right, because you're going to do the same thing in other areas of your life too, how you do anything, is how you do everything.

But if you start becoming disciplined, if you start becoming an achiever, if you start becoming a high performer, if you start becoming a doer, and not a talker, then guess what the success will start generating in your business, the success you're going to start generating in your entrepreneurship, the success you're going to start generating in your finances will start tumbling down, will start affecting other areas of your life, then you maybe will start thinking, you know what, I need to look after my health better too, you know, what, I need to invest more time into my relationships, you know what, maybe I need to start choosing better what type of foods that I eat and so on, and so on, you understand, I'm saying everything affects everything. So don't be ignorant or fooled that oh, you know, I can just talk the talk, I can just be like publicly, I can be just a go, go and then have another different kind of life in the background, and it doesn't work like that. So again, number three way for you to influence other people is to become a role model, is show other people the example and in our business and network marketing, in the home based business, that's the best way to do it.

Because whatever you want your team to do, you need to be doing it. You know, you'll want your team to use more products, guess what you need to do? Use more products, you want your team to sell more products, guess what you need to do sell more products, you want your team to recruit more people, guess what you need to do? Exactly recruit. So what you want your team to do, you need to be doing it first and showing them the example. You know what I mean? That's the way it's done. Last December I went to GoPro and so many people attended but I'm thinking hey, now I showed example to my team. Next December, I am coming back on my own. So I go and buy 10 tickets for this December. So now this December, I'm going there again, but I'm not going on my own. I'm going with 10 of my team members, 10 of my leaders, 10 of my superstars so they can experience the same thing. But I lead the path. You know the speed of the pack is the speed of the leader. So what you show example, what you lead is what you're going to have and usually you're not going to have as much as you put in so usually you'll have a bit less than what you do so if you do the minimum your team members will do nothing, if you do maximum your team members will do some of it, you know what I mean?

So that's my advice for you, these are the three ways how would I be would recommend you to influence other people.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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