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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Saturday, February 22, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about how to create influence. So you hear this term influence a lot nowadays, but a lot of people don't even know what that means to be an influence. So what does it mean to be an influencer? What it means to be influential?

I want to give you three ways how you can build your influence, how you can become an influencer? How you can start influencing other people.

So first way, and probably the easiest way of all is to give people value, is to give people value, and what does even mean giving value? How do I give this value to somebody? Well, it's very Simple. Will the person who watches your video or sees your post be better off after watching your video than before?

If the answer is yes, that means you're giving that person value. So if somebody jumps on your video, and they learn something, or you make them smile, you make them laugh or you make them cry, or you make it entertaining, then they've got value from it, because they are leaving this video better off than before.

There’s two ways how you can give value on video. One is entertainment. And two is education. So entertainment would be maybe you saying or you dance or you make jokes or you play an instrument or something like that, you show a talent. So if you're blessed with the talent, use it. Share it, get on Facebook Live and sing or dance or whatever. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. I haven't been blessed.

And that's why I use the second option. And I would recommend to 99% of you, I'd recommend you use the second option because most of us, we're not such a great singers or actors or whatever, but all of us can give education. We can provide tips, we can provide advice.

So if you read a book and you picked up something useful, tell, if you watch television tonight, and you watch Oprah and you pick up on advice that's useful, share it, you read an article in a newspaper, you've got value from it, share it, you watch a movie, and there's a great life lesson in the movie, share it. So every time you learn something or you get some information, you can actually share it. That's what I do, guys. I don't come up with these ideas. I'm not a genius that just comes up like today is Episode 444 that means I went live for the last 444 days every single day. I know. Awesome. I'm so proud of myself. So it's just amazing, but out of those 444 videos, guess what? 442 were not my ideas, was something that I landed a training or something I learned by watching a video course or something I learned from a book or something I learned from a podcast, etcetera, I'm just a sponge of ideas.

Whenever I hear a great idea, a personal development idea or a business idea or whatever, I go, “Mmh, I'll share that with my guys.” I share that with my champions, because maybe they will get some value from that too. If for me, that was important, if for me, that was interesting, I think it may be interesting for you, and that's all I do.

But do you have to do videos about personal development in business? Of course not. You could do videos about gardening. You could do videos about being a mom, you could do videos about playing basketball, you could do videos about anything and you could become an influencer in that particular topic, in that particular area. You could talk about underwater chess and you will collect, you will start collecting a tribe of people into underwater chess if that's the thing.

It's all about providing value. So, number one way to become an influencer is by delivering value, because if you provide enough value and somebody keeps consuming your content, very soon, you will become an influencer for them. They will start trusting you and your judgment and they will start listening to your advice and following your advice. That means you're an influencer now over this person. So once somebody listens to you, once somebody is learned from you, once somebody accepts you as an influencer, then they will be a lot more likely to buy our products, to join your business, to do whatever, come to your training events and stuff like that. So that's number one. And I think that's the easiest way to become an influencer, is just to start delivering value over video preferably. You can also write articles or blogs, etcetera, but for me, I think video is just so much better. So that's number one.

Number two way to become an influencer is to show results. So for this one, unfortunately, you can't fake it until you make it, you actually have to be doing something. For this one, you have to actually work. So you actually have to go out there and produce some results so that you can share with people, “Hey, this is how I recruited five people on social media. Hey, this is how I sold 20 products in the last three days on my Facebook.”

So these are the how to videos, which are results. Again, it could be business results, it could be whatever results like how do you cut the hair? How do you fix a car? How do you clean a house? How do you look after children? It could be how to videos too, because that's also a result. If you're good at something, if you get result at something, you can share those results. And again, you can become an influencer by sharing results and how you achieve them.

And then the last one, number three is story. So story or stories is again, a great way to become an influencer and that sharing your story. So a lot of you have had challenges in your life. A lot of you have had obstacles in your life. A lot of you been beaten down in life. Maybe you've gone through financial bankruptcy, maybe you've gone through physical abuse, maybe you've gone through depression, maybe you've gone through diseases, cancers and things like that and you survived it or whatever it is, maybe you have a story to tell how you were in a difficult place in your life, in a dark place in your life and you've overcome it. And now you keep going in spite of that. That's inspirational, that can also build your influence.

A lot of people are embarrassed by things like that in their life, they're embarrassed to share with somebody, that they've had something like that in their life and they keep it a secret thinking that, oh, it makes me look cooler. If I don't share my struggles in life, it makes me look more whatever. But reality that is not the case. People will only respect you more when you are being vulnerable, when you're sharing your story, when you share in the struggles you had in your life, when you sharing the things that you had to overcome to get to where you are today, people will only respect you more because of that, and that again, builds your influence.

Some of you have heard my story, I don't share it too often because I don't want any pity or anything like that, but I was growing up in Lithuanian in Eastern Europe and in my family, it was difficult, my dad was alcoholic, so he would be up and gone before I would wake up. And usually he's come back when I'm already asleep. So my mom sort of had to manage and she, most of the time was jobless as well and money was really difficult because my dad, whatever he would earn, he would just spend it on alcohol and drinks and we were poor, very poor, like destitute, like, my mom sometimes jokes nowadays. She says, when Gediminas used to get up, his first question would be, “Mom, what can I eat?” And we laugh at it now, but it wasn't because I was like a fat kid or something, the reason why that used to be my first question is because the fridge was empty. I don't know if you've ever experienced that in your life where as a kid, you go to the fridge, you open it, and it's empty. There's nothing to eat. Like, there's no bread, there's no meat, there's no cheese, there's no nothing. Like literally, it's empty. You go outside, you look for some apples from neighbours’ garden or something to feed yourself.

This was my background. That's how I grew up. And the reason that is a big part of my why, my why to provide a better life to my kids, that my kids would never have to go through what I had to go, having to go to school with clothes that I ripped and dirty and not nice because the parents can't afford. Like when I went to school between first grade and when I finished school, I went to maybe on like three school trips out of like, 300 because my parents never had the money, they could never pay for any of my school trips, or anything like that, like my classmates would go to nice places, fun places, parks, museums, etcetera on a school trip and like in Lithuania, nothing is free, you have to pay for all the school trips and I would never go, because my parents never had the money, never would give me the money.

So like my kids, like they go to every school trip possible. Like I pay for all of them. Like if there's a chance for them to go, I got less, we flying somewhere on a holiday as it is, like I always pay for them to go on school trips. Like my daughter, now she's in secondary school. They've got a school trip coming up to Greece, to Greece, she's 11 years old, the school trip to Greece, like it's like 600 quid, but we'll find the money and we'll make sure that she goes.

Like when I was a kid, that would have been impossible. So, me growing up poor, me growing up destitute, me growing up hungry, and all of that is part of my why to change my family's life but also to impact on other people. So when I meet somebody who isn't that type of condition, I understand them, I know what they're going through. I know that feeling.

The home based business, the network marketing industry, people make millions and people drive flash cars and live in mansions and all of that yeah, that's part of network marketing, but for me, that's not what it is all about. For me, it's about impacting thousands and thousands and thousands of families. Getting a feedback from a team member who says, “Oh my God, the 200 pounds bonus that I got last month, it helped us to buy kids Christmas presents. It helped us to buy uniform for our kids. It helped us to put the flooring in our house. It helped us to do this.”That it means more to me than anything.

It's really, really powerful, but that's what it's all about guys. It's about the impact. So that's your story. And my life, am I saying it's the hardest life, no, a lot of you had much more difficult lives, a lot of you had to go through a lot more crap that I have, share that story. Because you see, you can use that story to hold you back. You can use that story as a crutch to say that, oh, because of this, I can’t succeed in life, because of this crap, because of this bad childhood I had, because of the abuse I had, I can’t become successful now. You can use that as an excuse or you can use that as a reason why you must become successful. Why you must succeed and make millions and do whatever.

Why? Because you will be an inspiration to other people who've been abused, you will be an inspiration to other people who used to be dead broke, you will be the inspiration to other people who had to go through illness and health problems, you'll be the inspiration to other people who had to go through divorce and things like that. It is your duty to share that story and to succeed and show people that look, I had the same challenges you have, and has succeeded. I made it happen. Now it's your turn. Let me help you do that.

So don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Don't be afraid to share your story because it will inspire people. It will inspire people to follow you and it will inspire people to do something. So these are the three ways how to create influence guys, use all of them, use one of them, use two of them, it is entirely up to you, but that's how you create influence. That's how you start impacting hundreds and thousands of people in your life.
 So that's my tip for you.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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