3 Way Messenger Chats For Network Marketing

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I want to talk about three way messenger chats for your network marketing business.

Three way calling has been around time immemorial as well. So leaders have been using free recording for a very long time, using phones, using other technology to get on a three way call. So what is a three way call? Well, three way call typically, is where your team member finds a prospect that they want to introduce to the business and they connect you on the call as a third party. So as a leader, or maybe you are a team member, and you connect your leader onto a call to speak to your prospects.

Three way calls are very powerful because it allows you to edify your leader, your leader to edify you, you to edify your prospects and everybody gets a lot of value from that call because your prospect here is another person to talk about the business. You sometimes if you brand new, if you're not very strong yet, you get to use your team leader to help you to close the sale if you like, but it's just to help the person to make a decision, answer any questions. So three way calls have been around for a long time, people been using them, on a mobile phone or a landline.

Lately, with the advancement of technology, we've been using things like zoom, like Skype to do three way video calls. So it's no longer just an audio call, where you jump on with your prospects and your leader, but it's a video call. So you can actually see the person and they can see you and it's awesome. I love video calling, because it helps you to build that relationship, you can see the person, so sometimes 10 20 years ago, if the person was not local to you, all you could do is speak to them on the phone, but now even if the person lives on a completely different end of the world, you can jump on a zoom, and all three of you, you see each other, you talk to each other. So it's amazing.

However, arranging a three way call is not always very easy because everybody's busy, you are busy as a as a network marketing business builder, your leader is probably even more busy because they have a massive team and even your prospect, somebody who you want to introduce into the business, the chances are, they are busy, they've got kids going on, they've got jobs, they've got other businesses, they've got other things happening. It's not always so easy to find a time that suits everybody to jump on a video calls where you can chat to each other and answer any questions.

However, lately, more and more and more leaders have started using Facebook Messenger chat as an alternative for a three way call. So as you know, on a messenger chat, you can create little groups right on your chats, you can add your leader, you can add your potential prospect and now there's three of you on a chat. And if you don't know how to do it, just Google it, just go and Google and type in how to create a messenger chat and you'll see plenty of instructions. I don't need to explain to you how to do that. And once you're in the chat, obviously, one option is just to chat, is like to type, but even better, is to use voice messages.

So let's say I find a prospect who might be potentially interested in joining my business. So I add them to a chat and I had my upline sponsor onto the chat. So now there’s three of us on the chat. So I can go on a chat and click the voice message and go, “Hey Tom, I've just added you to this chat because I wanted to introduce you to my upline sponsor, so and so, they're amazing person, they are great leader, they have built a huge business, they have made a lot of money from this and they will be able to also answer any questions while they are fresh in your mind as you just saw the business presentation. And my leader, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Tom. Tom is somebody who I met at blah, blah, blah, he's very interested in starting their own business. He's amazing. He's enthusiastic, he's charismatic."

If I edify my leader. So I'm saying to my Mr prospect, here's my leader, my lead is amazing, she or he knows a lot, she or he knows has a lot of experience, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, so I edify this person. So then my prospect now goes, “Oh, my Gosh, you know, I'm so glad to be able to chat with this person.” And then I say, “Hey, my leader, I want to introduce you to my prospect,” and I say, a bunch of compliments about my prospect. So now my prospect feels like, “Oh my Gosh, like, I'm so excited, you know, because they like saying all these nice things about me, etcetera,” you get what I'm doing here.

I’m doing a voice message, know, why would a voice message be better than a typed message is because it's very difficult for you to show your excitement, or to show your emotion in text, unless you’re like a very good writer, JK Rowling, it's going to be difficult for you to express your emotions and your feelings through texting. But it's much easier to do that with a voice message. So you, and then your lead in chat and leave a voice message too and then your prospect can jump on, and also leave a voice message. So why is this might be better for some of you, then than an actual three way video call a three way audio call, is that it's easier to schedule? Well, actually, you don't need to schedule it, it's much more relaxed, because everybody can respond at their own time.

Even if I'm in UK, my prospect is in Australia, and my team leader is in the United States, no problem. Now normally, if we had to does a freeway zoom, it would be a problem because like here, it's the middle of the day, there is a middle of the night. And so it becomes difficult to logistically to organize it right. But with the freeway chat, I can leave my voice message. Six hours later, my prospects in America listens to the voice message responds, another couple of hours later, my leader can respond to you know what I mean? So there is no pressure and you can actually run a bunch of these freeway chats at the same time. So if I'm on a zoom call with you, I can’t do anything else at that time, because I'm on a zoom call for half an hour, for an hour with you and your prospect right so that time is very tied up, but I can be answering and inputting in 20 chats at the same time.

So this is a really great tool to use and more and more leaders are using it because it doesn't constrict your time you can respond whether it's in the morning or in the evening or in the middle of the night whatever you have time for that etcetera, it's easy to go back to and listen to what was discussed. So this way you know what you already spoke about what was already said so you can go back and check that out because if you do a zoom and you’re not recording it then you know few days later you forget what you spoke about with that particular prospect.

Whereas here is always staying on your messenger chat. So it's a great tool I highly recommend you at least to try it out even if you're thinking, “Oh my Gosh I don't know if this would work for me etcetera. Hey, you know maybe it's not going to work for you I don't know but just give it a go, try it out especially if with prospects who are long distance, but also with people who are local. It just gives you another great way of introducing your prospects to your up line leaders and it can be not even a prospect it could be a new team member. So somebody new joins your team, why not do a freeway chat with you, your new team member and your up line leader and go, “Hey, my up line leader, I wanted to introduce you to our new team member Christina. Christina is very excited about starting this business. She's got loads of experience, she's done direct sales before and Christina I want to introduce you to our up line leader so and so they're really amazing leader, they are very supportive, they're very wise and they will be supporting you along the way as well. So feel free to add them as a friend and you can ask them any questions etcetera. Guys, can you just share a little bit you know, my leader why
  you think this business is good and Christina what are your goals, what are your ambitions, what are your vision."

Now they start
  the conversation going you and the team member now not only has you but they already have your sponsors as well, you know want I mean, it's a great tool, try it, use it, it's amazing and I'm sure you'll get a lot of value from that.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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