3 things to EVALUATE after training event

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, January 23, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to share with you three things to evaluate after training events. So maybe you've organized the training event, or maybe you attended one. These are the free things to evaluate after the training event so that you really take on board and move on and make a better training or whatever next time. So what are these three things to evaluate after a training event?

The number one thing to evaluate, first one is what did we do best today? So if you were organizing a training event or a group of you were organizing a training event, then after that event, first thing you want to evaluate, what was the best? What did we do the best? What happened well? What went by the plan? What are we proud of? Now, if you're attending a training event, and you didn't organize it, then you can look and evaluate, what did they do best? What can I learn from the way this whole training event happened because you can use that information later in doing your own events? So first, what did we do best at this training or what did they do best in this training?

Number two, is what could we do better? What could be improved? What is the solution? So maybe you had some challenges? Maybe there was not enough food? Maybe there was -- there's always some challenges and some difficulties and things like that. So, you know, it's not to be self-critical, but it's just to look at ways to improve, right? So how can we improve the things and what would be the solution? How can we make it better next time? So that's number two.

Last one, number three is what is your biggest take away from the training? So any training you attend, there's a lot of information, some trainings, they can be whole day training, or maybe three, four,
  five days training. So a huge amount of information. But the one thing is to say straight away is to evaluate, what's my biggest take away from this training, what my biggest thing, the biggest nugget, the biggest pearl of wisdom, the biggest thing that I need to act on, that I need to take into account that I need to go and use right away, as soon as the training is finished.

If you just do those three evaluations, your trainings will start getting better and better and better and you'll be using the stuff you're learning because the worst thing to do is to go to the training, learn something and then never use it as like the worst thing, right? Because it's like, it's valuable, it has so much potential, and we just don't take action or we just don't actually use it. So always, always, always, whatever training you watch, you listen, you attend, try to take one thing and go put it into action.

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