3 things to be aware of in your network marketing business!

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I want to talk about three things you should be aware of in your network marketing business. What are the three things you should be aware of in your network marketing business?

The first thing you should be aware of is, who is the most critical member of the team or part of the team? And there's different ways of looking at it, you may say the most critical member is the leader, or this or the other. But actually, if you really think about it, the most critical member of the team is the new person, are the new business partners. Why? Because they are the future of your business.

If one day you wish to retire and keep getting the passive income forever and ever and ever, then who are these people going to be who will contribute to that earning of that passive income, of course, they are your team members, they are the new people who are joining the business, who will be inviting other people and inviting other people and so on. But also the new person is usually the most fragile, the most susceptible to quitting, the most vulnerable, which basically means that we have to take care of the young. In a family, when the baby's born, everybody's taking care of the baby, everybody's looking after the baby because it's so fragile, it's so helpless.

Same way, a new distributor in your team very often is like that baby, they're helpless, they don't know what they're doing, they're clueless, and it is your job to help them, to guide them, to support them, to show them the path so that one day when you get old, they can look after you. So that's number one.

Number two, is what is the greatest obstacle in your business? And probably you would be able to answer that without me telling you. What is the greatest obstacle? It's fear. Fear is the greatest obstacle, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of looking stupid, fear of success sometimes, but fear is one of the biggest contributors to slowing down your progress or stopping your progress and the other way around as well. The courage is one of the greatest assets for your business. If you know that fear is one of the greatest obstacles, what can you do about it?

Well, you can teach your team members to change their mindset, the way to look at fear, especially fear of rejection or fear of failure. And the best concept is, divorce the result and marry the process or marry the process and divorce the result. Meaning that a lot of new people are addicted to the result. And if they don't get the sale, if they don't get the recruit, if they don't get the result, quick enough, they quit the business, they give up because it's, “Oh, it’s disappointing. Oh, it's not how I expected it.”

If you teach your team members to focus on the activity, to focus on the process of inviting people, sending messages, speaking to people, doing presentations, doing meetings, then guess what, eventually they're going to get the result. But if they get addicted to the activity, instead of a result, they'll stay in the business much longer. They'll stay strong for a lot longer period, because now, they’re not being pissed off every single day that they haven't recruited a person, that they haven't sold the product because they're focusing on the activity. They know that today, I have to send so many messages, I have to reach out to so many people, I have to do so many things in order for my business to keep going forward.

If you want to defeat the fear of rejection or fear of failure, change the way the new person looks at it. Make it into a game, go for no. Instead of going for yes, go for no. Say, “Hey, your task is to get 20 no’s every day. 20 people to say no to you. No, I'm not interested. No, I wouldn't be open to take a look at your business. Yes, I had a look at your presentation. No, it's not for me.” Get 20 no’s every day. If a person makes it a game makes it a target to get the no’s every day, then the yeses will come anyway. But the no is not so scary anymore. It's no longer, “Oh, they rejected me.” It’s like, “Yes, I've got 19 to go. Yes, I've got 18 to go.” So every no will become like a game for them.

The third thing is the style of learning. You have to be aware of a style of learning that leaders use, because most people, they will learn something, then they'll do what they learn and then they maybe going to teach somebody eventually. But a leader learns in a different way, a leader also is learning and already thinking how they're gonna apply this and what they're going to do with it. How they're going to implement this information. But also, a leader learns as if they're going to teach it to somebody else straight away.

When I attend the training, when I watch a video, when I watch a conference, when I do anything, I'm not just learning for me. I'm not just learning for Gediminas, I'm straightaway learning for others. How will I pass this information on? Even what I'm sharing with you right now, this is what I've been taking notes, I've been watching the conference of American Association of Network Marketers, of network marketing professionals and taking notes, and straight away thinking, “Oh, I could share this, I could pass this or maybe this will be useful to my guys, maybe this will be useful to my tribe.”

Yes, I'm using this stuff in my own business, but straightaway, I'm thinking, “How can I help others? How can I teach others the same thing?” And the best way to learn something is actually to teach because when you're teaching, you really have to understand because you can't explain it to somebody if you don't understand it yourself. So that's a great tip as well for you learning something better. So these are the three things that I’d recommend you be aware of in your network marketing business, and if you aren't aware of them and use them and act on them, then your results will of course, get better as well.

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