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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to give you three team building tips. For some of you, this will be quite interesting and may give you like a light bulb moment or aha moment. Three team building tips.

Tip number one is to create an environment where everybody feels good and you make as little people as possible, as few people as possible, make them feel bad. What does it mean? As a leader, you're probably like an alpha male, you're probably building your business, you're probably crushing it, you probably getting great results and you have big dreams, big ambitions,. And that's awesome.

However, a lot of people who will join your team, they don't have the same ambition, they don't have the same dreams, they're not as hungry as you are. And if you keep everybody to that high standard, where you have to go hustle, you have to call 100 people a day, you have to build a huge business, you will turn off a lot of people, because every time you'll say something like that, those people who are not as hungry, they will feel guilty, they will feel bad, they will feel as if they are not good enough to be part of your team. As a great leader, you want to make sure that everybody feels welcome.

You might do a training and say, “Hey guys, if you want to go crush it, if you want to go to the next level, I really recommend you do that. But if you're just here because you want to be a customer, totally awesome, we’ll love on you, keep rocking and rolling.” This way, you're not turning off people who might have become active later, because it's like a campfire. If you keep enough people around the campfire long enough, a lot of them may catch fire, but some of them right now are not yet on fire and if you make them feel like crap, they will leave and you will never get to the point where they got on fire.

Make sure that you make everybody feel welcome. Somebody who does a little bit, somebody who does more and somebody who does loads, don't just make people feel good who are doing crazy amount of work. That’s team building tip number one.

Team building number two. Tip number two. The second tip is stop promoting only fast success. What does it mean? It's always awesome when you have a team member who joins the business and goes crush it really quickly, gets results, but if that's the only type of success you promote in your team, you will again turn off loads of people. Because guess what, there is more people who will get slow success, then fast success. If the only people you recognize are people who did a Grand Poobah level in three days, then the people who've been around for three months, three years, five years, they'll go, “Oh my gosh, I'm worthless, I'm rubbish. I look at these people so fast achieving success and I'm like, whatever.”

As a leader, you still got to recognize the fast success, people who join the business and achieve really quick, but you also want to recognize slow success. If somebody's been in your business for six months, and just got their first customer, you should go like crazy in your team room, “Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for this person. They've been in the business for six months just got their first customer.”

Why? One, of course, it's going to make that person feel good. But two, it's going to give hope. It's going to give hope for the people who've been in the business for a month, two months, three months, and they haven't got a customer yet, they haven't recruited anybody yet. Slow success is super important to promote in your team as a leader, because it gives hope to those people who haven't got the fast success. And there will always be more people who didn't get fast success than there are in your team. I promise you that.

And then the last one, number three is stop looking for your team members to do things that you are not doing. Ouch. I know it hurts for some people. I know it may be a painful for some people. Stop looking for your team members to do things that you are not doing. I see it so many times, people are like, “Oh, I wish my team members recruited more.” And I go, “Oh, hang on a second. When was the last time you recruited?” “Oh, no, but I'm a team leader now.

So I don't need to recruit. I just need my people to start recruiting.” What forget about it, isn’t going to work for you. What you need to do is go, “Hey guys, go recruit.” And then whether they go recruit or not, you go and recruit somebody. You go, “Hey guys, let's go sell.” Whether they go and sell or not, you go sell something. Instead of you going, “Hey guys, let's go to the training.” Whether they come or not, you should still be there. I lost the kind of amount of times when I heard a leader, a leader say, “Oh, I'm not going to that training because none of my team members are coming.” How long do you want that to keep happening because your team members will never come unless you grow yourself, unless you show up and show your team members, “Hey, I'm here. I don't know about you guys, but I'm here, I'm learning, I'm getting great value.”

Stop expecting your team members to do things that you're not doing. That's not going to happen. The only time when you're going to inspire, not motivate, inspire your team members to do something is when they see you do it. Do the action, and then show your team that you're doing it. Don't be a secret agent. Don't do it in secrecy. You get a new customer, make sure you take a selfie, put it in your team group. You get a new distributor, make a selfie, put it in your team group.

Always, always, always document your journey, document the work that you're doing, and show it to your team so they can get inspired and go, “Oh my gosh, my sponsor got three customers today. Oh my gosh, my leader, she recruited five people this week. I need to catch up. I need to start doing something.” That's how you're going to inspire people. Not by motivational talks, not by sending them YouTube videos with motivation. That isn’t going to inspire them, what's going to inspire them is them seeing you do the work. Makes sense, I hope it does. That’s my three tips for team building.

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