3 steps to transformation of your situation

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about three steps towards transforming your situation.

If right now you're not getting the results you want to be getting, or you're stuck in a place or maybe you mentally just not in the right place, I want to share with you a couple of tips that hopefully will help you see the shift, see the paradigm here and see a different perspective towards your situation. So three things towards the transformation of your situation. So the first thing you need to understand that you shouldn't be forcing yourself.

If whatever you're doing feels like you have to force yourself, maybe you're not doing it right. Maybe you're not seeing the point. So maybe the thing that you're doing is the right thing to do, but if you have to force yourself, maybe you don't see the purpose in that. Maybe you don't see the meaning in that. Maybe you don't see why you should be doing that. So I'm not saying hey, if ever you have to force yourself to do anything, go quit it. No, no, no, that's not what I'm talking about.

What I'm talking about is that you have to look into your mission. So you have to determine what is my mission in life? What am I trying to achieve here? What is my big purpose? Why are you on this planet, what is the reason for you to exist on this earth? Now I'm sure that's not to pay your bills. I'm sure that's not to survive somehow, I'm sure you have a bigger purpose. So think about what is my purpose? What am I meant to achieve in my life, and then the things that you hate to do, suddenly, you start seeing them in a different light, you start seeing them as a necessary thing to achieve your big goal, they’re necessary thing to make that impact.

Let's say maybe for you doing a Facebook Live is out of your comfort zone. Maybe you have to really force yourself to sit in front of a camera and to talk to people. Maybe that's something that you have to force yourself. Now I'm not saying quit it, don't do it. What I'm saying is, think about why should you be doing it? How is doing this thing that is out of your comfort zone will help you to advance in your purpose in your mission. And if your mission is to impact thousands of lives is to inspire other men or women, is to show other people example, is to inspire people who are scared to do Facebook Lives, that they can do lives, then guess what, doing the Facebook Live, doing the thing that is out of your comfort zone becomes not so bad anymore because you know the reason why you're doing it.

Now it's on purpose. So now you don't have to force yourself anymore, because you feel excited about it. Because you know, every time I do one of these, I impact another life. Every time I do one of these, I change somebody else's mindset one more time. So that changes your perspective. So that's number one.

Number two is you have to understand that nobody lives a better life than you. Nobody is better off than you. It may appear like that. When you watch from your position to somebody else's live, you may think, ah, that person has it easy. Oh, look at that person. They are a lot more wealthier than me. Oh, this person is so lucky. And it's so easy to compare yourself and say, “Oh poor me, life is unfair. And for them is so good.” It's a mistaken way of looking at it because you don't know their journey.

You don't know how far they have come to be where they are today. You don't know what they had to sacrifice to be in the position that they are today. Where you looking at them and saying, “Oh, it's easy for them, so unfair.” But you don't see the backstage. You don't know what they have done. And if you are not yet there where you want to be, you have to understand that the life requires growth. Life requires growth in order for you to progress. So if your income is not increasing, if your business is not growing, if your relationships are not getting better, if your whatever is not improving, it's because you're not growing. It's because you're not growing.

Every time you feel stuck, every time you feel like your income is not growing, every time you feel like your business is not progressing, ask yourself, have I stopped growing myself? Have I stopped progressing myself? And most of the time, the answer will be yes. Because when you start growing yourself, when you start investing in yourself, you'll get new ideas, you'll get new plans, you'll get new directions and all of a sudden, your income starts increasing. All of a sudden your business starts growing.

Why? Because you stopped looking at other people, you stopped comparing yourself to other people, and you started focusing on what you need to do in order to get better in order for you to start progressing. So that's number two.

And finally, number three is you have to understand that all the limitations, all the excuses, all the bad things that you’re holding is not real. It's not real, because when you were born, when a baby is born, the baby is afraid of only two things, loud noise and heights. That's the only two things that are baby scared of. Everything else the baby is not scared of. So every other fear that you have apart from loud noises and heights, you have learned. So it's not real. It's not part of you. It's not like your hand. It's not part of your body that fear is foreign. That fear is external. Somebody told you to be scared of that thing, or an experience made it that way.

So every single limitation that you have in your mind, every single fear that you have in your mind, you have to understand that it's not real. It's just in your head. If you say, “Oh, I'm not smart enough, I'm not beautiful enough. I'm not young enough. I'm not old enough. I'm not.” It's all bullshit. It's all the stuff that you've learned. It's all the stuff that you picked up from your teachers, from your parents, from your friends, from your school, from television, from government, from whatever, it's all external stuff. And it's not real it's just you accepted it to be real.

If somebody told you that, ah, you're not good enough, you're not smart enough. And you bought that. Now you keep telling yourself, but I'm not smart enough. I wish I could be building my business back but I'm not smart enough. I wish I wouldn't be earning like she does, but I'm not smart enough because you bought that story, because you bought that excuse, but it's not real.

As soon as you understand that, as soon as you understand that all of those things that are stopping you right now, and I know every one of you would have a different story, if I asked you right now, what is stopping you from greatness right now? What is stopping you from greatness right now? Why are you not a millionaire yet? Why are you not living in the house of your dreams? Why are you not driving the car of your dreams? Why are you not in the relationship of your dreams, and so on and so on and so on? You'd give me a story.

You'd give me a story. I'm sure you would give me a story. And you have to ask yourself, is that story real? Oh, because I had a bad childhood. Is there other people who also had bad childhood who have achieved what you want to achieve? If the answer is yes, then it can't be your bad childhood. It's the story that you bought. So any excuse you can throw it to me, I'll find the person who had it worse than you who have succeeded. I'll find another person who had it much worse than you who have reached the result. Do you get it? Do you understand it? Do you know how powerful that is?

Once you understand that every limitation, every fear, every excuse you have is not real, it's not true, you can change it, just like that at any point in your time in your life when you make a decision, then you become free. You become unstoppable. You become powerful, because now you know that you can do whatever the heck you want. You can achieve whatever you want. And that's true. That's the truth.

You were born a champion. Think about it. There is one egg and there is a millions of sperm all swimming, and guess what? Out of the millions of sperm, only one day gets to the egg and gets inside the egg and becomes a baby. And guess what? You were that sperm. You were that champion. You were swimming upstream and you made it faster than the million others. And you were the champion before you were born. So why should you not be a champion right now in your life. That's what I wish for you to be the champion of your life.

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