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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, February 23, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to give you three steps to recruiting somebody or to selling to somebody. What are these three steps for recruiting or for selling? Very, very simple.

Number one, determine the need. So determine the need of this person. So, what does this person need? Actually before you determine the need, actually first step is reach out to the person. So first step you reach out to somebody, whether it's on social media, whether it's face to face, etcetera. So step one, reach out to the person.

Number two, determine the need. What does this person need? Do they need extra income? Do they need to lose weight? Do they need whatever, healthier, creamier skin or whatever they need? Find out what does this person need?

And then number three, offer them the solution. How can your business help them to make more money, to have a nicer car, to travel more, to have a nicer home? How can your product help them to feel healthy, sleep better, look nicer, smell better. So it's always about that.

Too many people want to jump to conclusion and just sell, sell, sell, or recruit, recruit, recruit, but first you have to determine what does this person need. Made this person is in a situation where simply they cannot join your business, but they could be a great customer, but you just straightaway jump into conclusion and trying to recruit them, sometimes we’ll put them off becoming a customer too.

Reach out to the person, determine the need, and then offer them a solution. If you do that, your sales will go through the roof, your recruitment will go through the roof as well. Listen more and talk less. They say God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. You should be listening more and talking less, but most of us like me, I know you, I know you because you're like me, we get in network marketing because we love talking and we have a case of what is called verbal diarrhoea. We can't stop talking to somebody, but instead, we need to learn how to listen. Ask questions and listen. What does this person need? What is lacking in their life? What are their dreams and ambitions? What would they like to achieve and can our business or our product help them to get that?

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