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I want to talk about commitment and really how successful people do commitments. I want to talk about how successful people look at commitment because unfortunately, most people, they use the word commitment or New Year's resolution or decision way, way too easily. So what do you successful people do?

Successful people do three things. First of all, they evaluate before they commit. So unsuccessful people, amateurs, they commit to everything, and they commit to everyone and they commit to whatever they can simply because they know they're not going to keep the commitment so they just basically committing to whatever. However successful people before they commit to anything they evaluate, do I want to do this, is this where my time has to be spent? Is this something that I will do if I commit to it? So they evaluate the thing. Whether it's reading a book or attending a training course or doing a business or running a marathon or whatever it is, successful people evaluate before they commit to something.

The number two successful people commit. So once they've evaluated, they commit to it. They don't do hockey pokey, they don't go one foot in one foot out, they don't do any of that nonsense. Once a successful person committed, they commit for sure. They commit to it. And then number three, they keep their commitments at all costs, because again, that's what separates masters from amateurs. That's what separates successful people from unsuccessful people, that’s what separate rich people from poor people, because they treat their commitments differently.

There is three levels of commitment. The first level and the worst is when somebody says, “I'll try it.” The worst level of commitment is when somebody says I'll try it. That means I will quit, I just don't know when that's what it means translated into English language. I will try it. Like Yoda said, “Do or do not there is no try.” So you cannot try something. If I took a pen and I said, here's a pen, try to drop it, can you try to drop a pen? No, you either drop it, or you don't drop it, there is no trying to drop a pen. So that's the first level of commitment.

The second level of commitment is when somebody says, I'll do my best. That's much better because now they’re prepared to put in some work. Unfortunately, what most people think their best is, is way, way, way lower than what they could actually do the best, but most of us are just holding ourselves back. Most of us never go hundred percent at something, right. But then the best level of commitment is when the person says, I'll do whatever it takes. And that's true commitment. It means I'll do even things that right now I don't know how to do. I'll do even things that right now I'm scared of doing. I'll do even things that right now I have no skills to do but I will figure it out. I will do whatever it takes to keep that commitment and that's powerful commitment. You know, I love the word decide, decide has the ending side, right? What other words have the ending cide? Homicide, suicide, genocide, the ending cide, in decide means the death of. In all of those other words it means the death of something right?

Saying decide when you truly decide your old ways are dead. Whatever happened in the past is dead. Your old decisions and commitments are dead now you've decided you made a decision to do something. But many people treat this word too likely they go, I've decided to do this I decided to do this and three weeks later, they already gave up three weeks later, they already stopped chasing their dreams and I'm thinking oh my god is that all your dreams are worth few weeks of commitment and the first difficulty the first challenge you came up you go, “Oh I’m not doing that anymore. It's too difficult.”

It just shows the lack of commitment. It just shows lack of integrity just shows lack of character. That's all it does. And unfortunately, most people are like that. Most people are great at starting, but they're not finishers, they don't finish what they start. And that's where they always fail in their life. And they say if life wants to teach you a lesson, it’ll keep bringing you back to that lesson until you learn it. So until you've learned that lesson, you'll keep coming back. And a lot of people live all of the life like that. They just go, “Oh, my life is not changing. I keep having these problems,” because you're not learning the freaking lessons.

That's why you keep having the same relationship problems, the same money problems, the same, whatever problems because you're not learning the lessons to go to the next level in your life. And that's what true decisions. That's what true commitment means. When you truly commit to something you break through to the next level, because you just go at it at all cost right? Like in the old days, when they used to conquer the island, they would arrive with the boats to the island and they would burn the boats.

Why? So that they would conquer the island or they would die trying, but there is no going back. Failure is not an option. There is no abort. You do it until you get it. That's why my favourite animal is a rhino. Because Rhino has a thick skin, nothing can touch it and also once it makes a decision to charge, there is no aboard. You can be in the car, you can be with a brick wall doesn't matter; it's going to go through it. And that's really why I like the rhino it has the right attitude.

So that's my wish for you guys that you start treating your commitments and your decisions very seriously because it can truly change your life. If you just stick to it, stick to it. Most people are not patient enough. Be that person who’s sticking to it and is patient enough to see it through because on the other end of that commitment is the dream life is everything you ever wanted, but just keep to it.

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