3 step process for PROBLEM SOLVING in Business

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Today I wanted to share with you a three step process for problem solving in your business. If you use this three step process, you can pretty much solve any challenge, solve any problem in business.

There are basically three things so whenever I'm having a challenge in my business, or one of my team members has a challenge in business, I will always go through those three steps and I will figure out what's the challenge, I will figure out what's the problem. The first challenge is mind-set. So the mind-set is the attitude in the right place. So for example, if somebody comes to me and goes, “I can't recruit, or I can't sell.” I know that that’s mind-set. Why? Because that person has already made a decision that I can't, and if so, whatever you say it's true. So if you say, I can't, then you can't.

If you say I'm not good at this, then you won't be good at it. So the words that we use, the statements that we make are very powerful. If somebody comes to me and goes, “Oh, I can't do this.” If they're negative, if they're pessimistic, I know that the attitude is a problem. So that means we need to work on their attitude, we need to fix their mind-set. I've been reading Fraser Brooks's book, and he says, mind flow. So instead of being set, mind-set, so instead we should have a flow, we should have a mind flow. I like that concept. So what's their mind-set? Where is their mind-set? Where is their attitude? So that's number one.

The second step is skill. So if a person has the right attitude, if they are positive, they're motivated, they want to make it happen in a business, they want to crush it, but they’re still not getting a result then might be their skill. So if somebody comes to me from my team and says, “Well, I've contacted 100 people and everybody said, No, nobody's interested,” for me. That’s a red flag because probably there is something with their skill. So then the question is, maybe it’s their skill, maybe they don't know what to say, maybe they don't know what to do or how to do it. So is their skill up to scratch?

If somebody is not getting results and their attitude is in the right place, and they’re doing it and there's something wrong that I need to find out, is this skill up to scratch, maybe they are saying the wrong things, maybe they're doing the wrong things. Maybe they're trying to spam people maybe they try and wherever so I need to figure out what's their process and where is the breakage, because somewhere in the process there’s probably going to be an error and that error is causing them to receive no results. So first is attitude, second is skill, so is this skill up to scratch or do they need to go back to training learn something and then go back to work applying that what they've learned so that's the second.


The third one is work rate; so are they doing enough of the activity in order to get the results because somebody might be super motivated. They watch secret three times a day, they're fired up, they're pumped up, and they have big goals and big vision and big ambitions. And their skill might be also sharp like they've attended 55 different training on prospecting and recruiting and selling, they read 55 different books on network marketing, like they know everything there is to know but simply they're not doing the activity. They're not doing the work. So what is their work rate?

When a person comes to me and says, “Oh, I'm struggling to grow my network marketing business.” The first question I ask is, how many people have you prospected this week? How many people did you ask, “Hey, would you take a look at my business? Hey, would you take a look at my products?” If their answer is in single digits, which is zero to nine, I know that the problem is the work rate, they're simply not doing enough of the activity. They might know what to do, they might have the right attitude, but simply they’re not doing enough of it. And from experience I found that that is actually probably the main one for most people.

Because most people they know what to do. They read the book, they attended the training, they got the scripts and they have the mind-set that I want to be wealthy, I want to be successful, I want to reach their position, but simply they're not doing enough work and they not consistent with it. So one day they might reach out to 10 people and they’ll do nothing for three weeks, then again, reach out to five people, and then do nothing. Very often the pattern is they go to a conference or they go to the training they get fired up to get motivated, they work for two, three days and then again, they lose the motivation and do nothing for the next few months. They go to motivation, get fired up, do something for three days and do nothing again. So it's very, very important.

So these are the three things that helped me to solve almost any challenge in business. Is it the mind-set? Is it the attitude? Is it the skill? Is it the training? Do they need more training? Or is it the work rate? Are they just simply not doing enough work? And again, we have strategies, how to increase that, we have accountability programs, we have our millionaires in training, where people do the activity and they report at the end of the day, do the activity and report at the end of the day that helps people to stay on track and to stay accountable and to stay producing to keep their work rate up.

So that's the three step process for problem solving in your business. 
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