3 reasons why you MIGHT NOT get rich

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, September 10, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to share with you three reasons why you might not get rich in your lifetime. So what are the three reasons you may not get rich in your lifetime?

Number one reason is simply you don't want to. You might be surprised but some people don't want to get rich. Some people don't want to get wealthy. They're just happy living the way they live and they happy the way they are right and they don’t aspire to make millions of dollars or pounds or Euros. They don't aspire to buy the luxury cars and luxury homes and travel around the world. So there's a big group of people who are totally happy, just living this mediocre life making mediocre type of income. And they totally cool with that. So one reason you might not get rich is simply that you don't want to. So if you're not rich yet, maybe you don't want to, or maybe you don't want it strong enough.

Number two. Reason number two, why you might not get rich is that being rich is not a priority for you. So maybe you would like to get rich, but first you want to have the children or maybe you'd like to get rich but first you want to study in university. Maybe you would like to get rich but first you want to travel the world, build shelters, do whatever. Maybe you have other things that are higher on the priority list than the actual becoming wealthy, becoming rich. Because again, a lot of people will say that they want to get rich, but they're not doing the things they need to do to get rich. Which in my opinion, then that means getting rich or becoming rich is not their priority. Instead they choose to do other things and prioritize other things but not getting rich.

And then finally number three reason why you might not get rich is you're too stupid. Well, I know that's not nice to hear and probably you're not, probably if you're watching this video, you're probably not. But maybe you're too stupid is harsh way of saying it. Maybe a better way of putting it would be you don't have the right information. Because becoming wealthy, becoming financially free, becoming rich requires certain knowledge, requires certain actions or requires certain things. And if you don't know what you need to do, or how you can become rich, then you can't because you can try to, but like if you choose to do paper rounds in order to get rich, that might not be the strategy that will get you rich. So sometimes you just don't know what you need to know, in order to become wealthy. So maybe that is the reason that's stopping you from getting rich, you simply don't know how to, or maybe you haven't found the right strategy that will help you to become wealthy.

So these are the only three reasons why you might not get rich, one, you don't want to, two, you don't know. It's not a priority for you or three, you just haven't found the right strategy. You don't know the right information in order for you to become wealthy. But once you figure these three out, once you really realize that yes, I do want to get rich, number two, it becomes your priority. So you do things every day that help you to get rich. And number three, you start looking for information. You start thinking, “Okay, who do I know who's wealthy, who do I know who's rich?”

And you don't need to know, know them, they don't have to be your pal. It may be somebody on social media that you follow. Somebody who you know is a documented wealthy person. Like I follow guys like Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone, and Brendon Burchard and Tony Robbins, people who are millionaires. So I know for sure these guys are rich, then I just need to watch what they do and model them in order to get similar results. Does that make sense?

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