3 questions to evaluate your LIFE

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I want to share with you three questions that you can ask yourself to evaluate your life. These three questions actually come from Brendon Burchard.

He is one of my favourite motivational trainers, speakers, lectures, amazing personal development guy, and he experienced a car crash where he nearly died. And at that time he was very depressed. He was not valuing his life very much, and when the car crash happened, it sort of made him think again and made him want to live. When he was in the car crash and when he was thinking that I'm going to die, there were three questions that he asked himself.

The first question he asked himself was did I live? The second question he asked himself did I love? And the final third question he asked himself, did I matter? The reason why I'm sharing this with you because it's so easy to sometimes get trapped by everyday worries, by little cares by some criticisms, by some people hating on you, by some failures in your life, some things that don't go to plan. And when all of these things happening, very easy as to get absorbed by those problems, by those challenges, to feel stressed, to feel drained, to feel in a bad place emotionally. But I saw this quote and the quote said, “If it's not going to matter five years from now, then don't waste five minutes worrying about it right now. If it's not going to matter five years from now, then don't spend five minutes worrying about it right now.”

Sometimes you have things that happen in your life that right now look like a disaster, look like the end of the world, look like, “Oh my God.” But if you step back for a second, zoom out, and you think five years from today, will this still be pissing me off? Will this still be as worrying to me as it is right now? Or five years from now I'll say, “Who cares about that? Doesn’t even matter.” And 99% of the time, you will say that, “Oh, five years from now, I won't worry about this thing.” So why get all worked up about it right now? Why gets stressed, negative and pessimistic and all of that, because of it right now if it's not gonna matter in five years? So instead time to time, just stop for a minute and ask those three questions to yourself.

This week, did I live? Did I love? Did I matter? What you were doing, did you show love to other people? Did you matter? Did you make some sort of contribution? Have you improved somebody's life? Have you helped somebody? And did you live? Did you truly live? Did you stop for a moment and enjoy the sunrise or the sunset? Did you smell the roses? Did you listen to the sounds of the sea? Did you observe your kids play and enjoy that for a moment? Did you see your dog how it waits for you when you get home? Did you live? Did you love? Did you matter this week or this month or this year?

Do that sort of inventorization every now and then to really come back to the most important have things in your life, instead of worrying about some small things, panicking about some small things, getting all anxious and angry and jealous and all of that about some things that not even gonna matter five years from now, that won't even matter 10 years from now. You’ll be looking back and saying, “Why, I was worrying about that, why did I even pay attention to that, because that was such a nonsense?”

Move away from the small things and look at the big picture. It will make you more relaxed, it will help you enjoy your life more, it will show you the perspective of life that will make you a more calm, more satisfied, more contempt person than it would ever do otherwise.

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