3 parts to a BREAKTHROUGH

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, February 23, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about three parts to having a breakthrough in your business. So I want to share three steps to having a breakthrough in your business, so if you feel stuck, if you feel like you haven't had that lift off in your business, this might really help you. And these three parts definitely very, very important in order to have a breakthrough.

The first one and probably the main one is a major burst of energy, major burst of activity. Too many people are trying to be casual in this business. And you can't do that. You can't win in this business if you're playing on the minimum, if you just doing the bare minimum that you're required. If you're just trying to sort of hockey pokey your way through this business is just not going to work for you. You're just not going to get that great result, it doesn't mean that you always have to be going like crazy hundred percent. But in order for you to have that liftoff, you have to put this major burst of energy maybe for 30 days, maybe for 60 days, maybe for 90 days, but you have to have this focused, really a lot of energy, a lot of time in your business to really lifted off the ground. So that's number one.

Number two is accountability. You need to be accountable to somebody, you need to be reporting to somebody. And before you go, “Oh, come on, I am doing this business so that I can be my own boss. I don't need another boss. I don't need anybody telling me what to do.” I get it. I get it. I understand that, but having somebody you are accountable to will keep you on track. Because the easiest person to let down is yourself because you've been doing it all of your life. But if you have somebody that you respect and you have to report to that person every day saying, “Hey, this is my activity for today, this is my activity for today. This is my plan for tomorrow.” If you have somebody you're accountable to who can advise you and guide you, it can be very, very valuable.

And then step number three is having mentorship. That means working with somebody who knows the road ahead, working with somebody who's already gone through the obstacles, working with somebody who already knows the challenges that await you that can save years of trial and error for you. So because you working in a network marketing business, it's so easy because you just have to find in your upline somebody who's already at the position that you want to be in, so it maybe not the person who invited you, and maybe not the person who invited them, but somewhere in your upline, you’ll find a person who's already done what you want to do. Then ask that person to mentor you.

Ask the person to work with you, and show you the way, that person can really, really help you because I know your ego is here, especially if you're brand new. You think you know everything, you think you know better, you think you don't need any help, trust me, I know you because I was that person. I rejected all the advice. I rejected all the help. I said, I know better. Trust me, you don't.

You'll fall flat on your face many times until you realize, okay, I need to start listening to what these guys are telling me because they've been through it. So if you humble yourself, if you become coachable and say to somebody, “Hey, I just need your advice. Tell me what to do and what not to do.” You can get there so much faster. And that again can give you that breakthrough in your business.

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