3 most DANGEROUS words!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the three most dangerous words. I've actually been watching a training by T. Harv Eker. And in that training, he's talked about those three most dangerous words. And I thought wow, how powerful that is and how many people use these three most dangerous words. So do you want to know what these three most dangerous words are?

Well, these three most dangerous words are I know that. “Oh, I know that. Oh, I know that. Oh, yeah, I know that. Yeah, I've been there. I read that book. I've been to that. So I know that.” 
When you actually know something, when you actually know something is when you do it, is when you live it. If you heard it before, but you're not using it, you don't know it. Then that means you've heard of it. You heard it somewhere, but you don't know it. You know it when you do it, and you live it.

So very often people who don't have very good results in business say, “Oh, I read that book before. Oh, I've been to that seminar before. Oh, yeah, I’ve listened to many trainings before.” And they don't go to another seminar. They don't listen to another training. They don't read another book, because they know it already but if they knew it, wouldn't they be making the money? If they knew it, wouldn't they have the results? If they knew it, wouldn't they be successful already? Yes they would, because if they knew it, they would be doing it and living it. But now they just heard of it.

Hearing about something and knowing something is two different things my friends. If you want to get better and better and better results, make more and more and more money, simple tip for you, never stop growing. Like Tony Robbins says, “It's CAN I.” Constant and never ending improvement. Like the founder of McDonald's Corporation said, what did he say? “If you're green you grow, if you're ripe, you rot.” That's Mr. Kroc, McDonald's Corporation founder.

Why? Because if you think you already arrived, if you think you know it already, then you start to decline. But if you’re still green, if you're still improving yourself, if you're still growing yourself, then you're going up, you go in on the upward curve. And that's what I recommend you to do all the time. Never stop learning. Never stop improving yourself, never stop getting better and your results then will keep getting better and better and better.

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