3 Mind Neutralising Words

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, January 27, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to share with your three mind neutralizing words.

When you're talking to your potential prospect, customer, business partner one of the great listening skills or one of the great communication skills is listening. So you ask a question and you let them talk but sometimes when you build a really good report with your prospect, they will get so friendly with you they will open up and then they just talk and talk and sometimes that conversation can go really off topic and you need a way to bring them back on to what you want to be talking to them about your product or your business opportunity. But of course, it's rude to interrupt or you don't want to come across as quite abrupt salesperson or something like that.

In this case scenario, what you need to do is use the free mind neutralizing words and those free mind neutralizing words will help you just set the conversation back on track and they are by the way. So for example, if you seeing that your prospect is going off topic, they start talking about things about themselves but it's not really relevant. You can go, by the way tell me more about this and you bring them back on to the conversation about your business or your product. So by the way sort of stops their train of thought and it allows you to go back to where you want them to be.

So you can use in a variety of ways in your conversations  and this will help you not to seem like you're interrupting them ,trying to change the topic, but it really helps you to actually put them back on track to talking when you wanted them to talk. So by the way, tell me more about how you've been finding this particular program. By the way, tell me more about why do you want to earn some extra income, if they've been going off the topic and by the way, tell me more about your experience with network marketing in the past and you bring them back on to the conversation that you want to be having with them, taking them to the direction where you want to have them.

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