3 Laws Of The MIND

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, January 9, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to share with you the three laws of the mind and how to use them to better your life, to improve your life, to have more results, to have more happiness in your life. What are these three laws that can help you in business and most of the other areas of your life?

So law number one says that every thought creates a chemical or physical change in your body? So every thought creates a chemical or physical change in your body. To give you a couple of examples, what if I asked you to think of a lemon? What if I asked you to think of a lemon and you really started thinking hard of a lemon, and imagine yourself cutting this lemon in half and you smell it, you see it and imagine licking that lemon. Now how many of you just hearing this already have saliva forming in your mouth? Just me talking about the lemon. There is no lemon, you don't see any lemon, you don't smell in the lemon, but just me talking about the lemon starts the saliva going in your mouth because you're thinking about the sour taste of a lemon and how lemon tastes.

So that's, again, that's your thoughts, creating a physical change in your body. There was another experiment that they've done, where they did an experiment where they took people who needed a knee surgery and they took half the people and they actually did the knee surgery on them and they took another half the people and they show them a video on the television screen of another person's knee operation and they just sort of touched their knee, but actually, they didn't operate on their knee. They did a little cut in there, but they didn't actually do perform the operation.

Guess what the results were? Both groups had the same results, the ones who had knee operation and the ones who didn't have a knee operation had the same improvement. Can you think of that? So your mind can heal your body? If you want it to do that, if it believed that that was happening. So your thoughts can create a physical or chemical change in your body, so you have to become more careful what you think and how you think because your thoughts will make either you happy, or you are sad, it will make you healthy, or it will make you sick. So that's the first law of the mind.

The second law of the mind says, you can only think one thing at the time. You can only think one thing at the time. So what does that mean? That means if you're thinking negative thoughts, then there is no space for positive thinking but vice versa is true also, if you’re thinking positively, then there is no space for negative thoughts. So, what if I told you, for example, to try to stand up, try to stand up, what would you do? You'd probably stand up. And I would say, “Well, that's not correct. You stood up, I told you to try to stand up.” So you can only stand up or not stand up. You can't try to stand up.

Again, it's the words that you’re using will determine what is happening in your life. So something like using a try word implies failure, implies you're not actually doing it. So it is a lot of people, when I coach them, they go, “Well, I want to try and become a diamond. I want to try and make more money. I want to try this business.” That's like saying, I'm gonna fail, I just don't know when.

Your mind is very powerful, but you have to program it using the right words. When you’re using the right words, you will program your mind to do the things that you want. So you don't want to use words like try or don't. Like, I don't want to do this. I don't want to do that because don't doesn't exist in your brain. Your brain doesn't react to don’t. It just listens for the rest of the sentence. If you say, I don't want to be fat, your mind is hearing, I want to be fat. If you say, I don't want to get more bills, your mind is hearing, I want to get more bills. So don't use don’t, instead use positive sentences, instead use positive statements. So I am wealthy, not I am not poor. So it's I am beautiful, not I am not ugly or whatever you mean. So using positive sentences instead, because, again, your words will determine what sort of results you get.

And the third law of the mind is that your thoughts create your reality. So, there was this interesting experiment that the surfing Japanese scientists did, where he took water and he would pour water in two glasses, and on one glass he would write I love you, and on another glass he would write I hate you. And then he would look at the molecules of that water under microscope and he would see the difference. The molecules of the glass that said, I love you would be pretty, but the molecules of the glass that said I hate you would be all distorted and ugly.

So the words that you use can actually affect things around you. So if it affect water and your body is mainly made up of water, how does the words affect you? So if you're using negative thoughts, or if you're using negative words, how is that affecting your body? If you’re constantly angry, if you're mad, if you hate, if you're jealous, if you despise other people, think about how all of those thoughts and all of those words are affecting your body. How is that affecting the water in your body? How does that affecting your tissues? How is that affecting your brain? How is that affecting your heart and all your other organs and vice versa. What if you’re thinking positive things? What if you’re loving yourself? What if you’re loving other people? What if you’re loving every single day, you're grateful for the things that you woke up in the morning, that you have food on your table? How will that start affecting your body and your life and your mind because that's super important, because that's the energy you radiate?

They did another experiment called mirror neurons, where they would split the cell in half separated by huge distances and they would manipulate one half of the cell and the other half of the cell would respond to the same manipulation even though it's not there. So it's like, again, the energy that you provide, energy that you radiate, other people feel that. So if you go to somebody, if you go to do a business presentation, and in your mind you’re saying, “Oh, they're not going to join, they're not going to be interested. They are going to hate it.”

Guess what's happening, they going to hate it, they're not going to join, they're not going to be interested because you are radiating that energy, you're already setting yourself up for failure. because you are programming with your thoughts and with your words and your mind, and your mind is then radiating that energy to other people and other people feel that energy and they then don't join, they do what you expect them to do, right? So you need to start using conscious language to really empower your brain and to control your brain and to control the outcomes that you’re getting in your life.

So instead of saying I can't, or I'm not good at why not use, I'm learning to. So instead of saying, “Oh, I can't recruit, or I'm not good at selling.” Why don't replace that and say I'm learning to recruit. I'm learning to sell. I'm learning to become a better leader. That's changing how your mind and your body will react to that, instead of saying I will, which is somewhere in the future, which is still cannot happen, there's loads of things that can happen instead of using I will, why don't you use I am. So, instead of saying, “I will become a successful business person,” why not use, “I am a successful business person,” instead of saying, “I will reach my goals,” why not say, “I am reaching my goals,” instead of saying, “I will make loads of money,” why not say, “I am making loads of money."

sing positive present tense to again program and to create your reality with your words, right? Instead of saying I want to, why not say things like I choose to, I get to, so instead of, “I want to one day go on a holiday,” why not say, “I choose to go on holidays. I get to go on holidays as part of my life.” Instead of I want to become a better leader, I want to be a good leader. Why not say I choose to be a good leader, I get to be a good leader. So your language will transform your life if you just use it in a correct way and, and it's like a muscle at the beginning, it's not easy, because you've been used to using the wrong language, you've been used to putting yourself down.

So you're going to have to start changing how you use your language. And one of the great ways that was shared yesterday is using cancel, cancel, delete, delete. So every time you catch yourself using the incorrect language, just go cancel, cancel, delete, delete in your mind, you’re basically cancelling it out and replacing it with empowering language, which is a language that helps you right? So focus on your desires instead of focusing on your fears, focus on the benefits that your product is going to give to a customer and the benefit that your business opportunity going to give to your potential business partner, instead of focusing on the money you're going to be making which sometimes makes people feel bad. Focus on the fact that you deserve to be successful. Focus on the fact that you're worthy of the abundance and think good things happening in your life.

So there are certain affirmations that I'd like to share with you today that you can use on a daily basis. Again, to start changing your mind-set, to start changing the way you think, to start changing the way you use your language to program and to create your life. So what are these affirmations, affirmations or positive statements that help you to transform your life.

One of the affirmation is I am worthy of success and abundance in all areas of my life
and I know the first time if you've been beating yourself up for a long time in your life, if you’ve been beaten down by life, if you've had horrible things happen to you, at the beginning, when you say these affirmations, they're not going to feel real, they're not going to feel true. You're going to go, “I am worthy of success and abundance in all areas of my life,” and your brain will go, “No, you're not.”  So it's going to happen, but don't worry about that. Just keep repeating those statements. Just keep repeating those affirmations and they will become true for you say way have you been repeating the incorrect statements of I'm not smart enough. I'm not beautiful enough. I'm too old. I'm not good enough. I don't deserve success, or that is also fake. That's also bullshit. But because you've been repeating it for so many years, it became true for you.

So now you can start repeating positive statements and they will become true for you. They will make your life in the way that you want it to be made. But in the beginning, it's not going to be easy, but just keep repeating until your brain starts accepting it. At the beginning it’s going to be rejecting it, it’s going to go, “No, it's not. No, it's not true. No, it's not going to happen.” But if you keep repeating, your brain will give up eventually and go, “Okay, I'll accept that. I'll accept that abundance. I'll accept that you can be wealthy. I'll accept that you are successful. I accept that you're beautiful.” So that's the first affirmation.

The second one, I'm constantly learning and growing, and feel comfortable doing new things. I'm constantly learning and growing and feel comfortable doing new things. Like how many of you feel comfortable doing new things? A lot of you probably not, but if you keep repeating it, your brain will accept that as truth and it will start enjoying doing new things. It will start being comfortable doing new things, right. I am fully capable of building a successful network marketing business. I am fully capable of building a successful network marketing business. Good things happen to me every day. Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better in all areas of my life.

Imagine starting your day with that type of sentences every single day. Instead of going, “Oh, my life sucks. I hate this. Oh, why do I need to get up? Oh, I can't wait for the evening so I can go back to bed.” Imagine starting your day instead of like that. Imagine starting saying, every day in every way I get better and better in all areas of my life. Good things happen to me every day. Today is a good day to be a good day. What if you start using that type of language every morning when you're brushing your teeth, and every evening before you go to bed when you're brushing your teeth, what if you use that type of language? What if you start programming your mind, programming your mind everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday, guess what's going to happen?

Your life is going to start changing; you will start radiating different energy. Because imagine if you wake up and you say all the bad things, you turn on the TV news, you watch how many people got killed by the last terrorist thing. You watch all the horrible things and then without energy, you go out in the world, guess what sort of energy you're radiating, guess what sort of signals you sending to people around you? Not very positive. What if you started your day saying these types of affirmations? What if you started your day, saying positive things to you, and then you go out with that type of energy, you go to work, you go to school, you go to wherever you need to go. Guess how people will feel around you, guess what sort of energy you'll be radiating? Guess what you will be sending out to God and to universe, you'll be sending out completely different energy.

Let me just ask you a simple question. What types of people do you like spending your time with? Miserable, horrible, sad, angry people? Or do you like spending time around positive, high energy happy? You know, people who joke people who are enjoying the life? What sorts of people do you like spend time with? So what sort of person should you become, to attract more people to you? Simple, isn't it, but we just need to use it. It's very, very simple. It doesn't cost you anything to change your life. It doesn't cost you anything to change your mind-set. It's just you need to do it. You need to develop that habit. So spend few minutes every morning and every evening saying positive things and see what happens with your life. I promise you're going to enjoy it.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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