3 factors that will determine your success

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Saturday, September 29, 2018 Under: Personal Development
When it comes to succeeding in business I like to look at these 3 factors:

1. Attitude

2. Skill

3. Work rate

Attitude is very important in business, it is like your 'control tower'. Zig Ziglar used to say that you cannot perform outside of your belief system. Therefore, if you don't believe you can achieve something it will be very unlikely that you will. Also, having a positive mental attitude is a great help in trying to achieve something. This is why I personally do not watch news on television, read newspapers or listen to news on the radio. Because news is filled with negative information and if I keep pumping that negative information into my head every day then I will also become a negative, pessimistic person who doesn't believe anything good can happen. Instead I choose to spend that time reading something motivational, educational or inspirational, when I am driving I am listening to positive podcasts that will help me gain more knowledge, I watch videos that educate me or inspire me and purchase video programmes that can help me to excel in what I do.

Next is skills, do you know what to do? You can take an idiot and motivate him, but you still going to have a motivated idiot, he still won't know what to do. So once you got your attitude in the right place you have to start working on skills and learn what and how to do to become successful in whatever you want to accomplish. Investing time in attending trainings, reading books, listening to audio programs and watching video programs to enhance your skills is simply invaluable if you want to reach high results. Also, modelling is one of my favourite ways to learn the skills, which is simply copying someone who already has your desired results.

And finally it's your work rate. I believe this is where the majority of people drop the ball. They have the dream, they learnt everything there is to learn but they are simply not DOING enough. You should never question your ability but you should question your performance daily and see if you continue doing what you do right now will that be enough to achieve your goals. Business is a numbers game, look at your numbers, how many people are you reaching out to every day about your products or opportunity, how many people are you following up with, how many team members are you communicating with every day and so on.

Using these three factors also helps me to solve problems for my team members. If a team member comes to me and says 'I am struggling to recruit' I will use these three factors to determine where is the problem and how to help them. If they don't believe they can recruit, then its the ATTITUDE and I will have to work on that with them, if they are approaching lots of people but are not getting any results then it's probably SKILL, there might be some errors in their technique and I will need to help them with that. Or if they are simply not speaking to enough people it will probably be their WORK RATE and I will need to get them to increase their activity levels.

Here is today's video where I go in more detail:

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