25 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Network Marketing and how to avoid them?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 Under: Network Marketing
Today I wanted to share with you a very important training that I wish sombody had shared with me when I was getting started in Network Marketing. This training is called 25 Biggest Mistakes People Make in Network Marketing and how to avoid them and it discusses some of the most common and most deadly mistakes in home based business.

#1: Failing to Actually Commit
#2: Jumping from Company to Company
#3: Building Multiple Companies at the Same Time
#4: Verbally Vomiting on your Prospects
#5: Being Pushy and Not Listening to Simple Clues
#6: Using Hype-Filled Lingo
#7: Trying to Do it “Their” Way
#8: Doing it All on their Own
#9: Forgetting to Edify their Sponsor
#10: Taking Bad News to your Team
#11: Not Attending Events
#12: Sitting in the Back of the Room
#13: Interrupting your Leader
#14: Recruiting Down
#15: Being Partially Engaged
#16: Minimal
#17: Lying or Exaggerating to Prospects or Team Members
#18: Lying to Themselves
#19: Treating People Like Pasta
#20: Unrealistic Expectations about their Earnings
#21: Quitting the Business to Soon
#22: Being All Business on Facebook
#23: Not Asking for Permission to Share
#24: Ball Dropping on Follow up
#25: Failing to Ask for Commitment

and few BONUS mistakes in the video :)))

Hope you got value from this training. Feel free to share

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