2 reasons why people DON’T make money in network marketing

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Under: Personal Development

In this blog in particular, I wanted to talk about two reasons why people don't make money in network marketing. Of course, there are more than two reasons why somebody might not be making money network marketing, but I think these two are very, very common and they happen quite a lot. So what are these two reasons?

The first reason why people don't make money in network marketing, they simply don't do the work. So the very first reason why a lot of people don't make money in network marketing, or they don't make very good money network marketing is simply because they're lacking in good work ethic. They don't put in the work on a daily basis. And you know, it would make total sense in a job environment because if I asked you, if I said to you, “Look, if you went to work three days in the whole month, how much would you expect to earn?”

Not very much, and it would totally make sense, but people start network marketing business from home, and they don't do anything and they're surprised why they're not making money. It just doesn't make sense. You have to do the activities on a daily basis if you want to be making money. Same with your job, you go to your work every single day, and then you earn pretty decent money.

Same in your business, you have to do the activities every single day because if you're just hanging around and waiting for something to happen, waiting for the money to come, waiting for somebody to knock on your door and say, “Hey, I heard you’re selling some products, can I buy some?” That's not going to happen. It's just not going to happen. You have to do the activity on a daily basis in order to start getting those results. So that's number one.

The second reason and I think this one is even bigger than the first one why a lot of people don't make much money in network marketing is because they don't follow up. They’re very bad at following up with people. So what do I mean by that? Is that a lot of people have this mentality that oh, I offer my products wants to this person, and if they don't buy it, screw them. I offer my business opportunity once to this person, and if they don't join my business, well, good luck, bye for now.

Well, you can have that type of attitude, but then you're going to have to work really, really, really hard. It's going to be really, really hard work. Why? Because then you're going to have to compensate for that lack of follow up with a lot more prospecting. So you're going to have to find 5, 10, 15, 20 times more people in order to build the same size team as somebody who's just great at following up.

So, I think the reason why so many people are bad at follow up, is because usually, a lot of people get into network marketing after first time they heard about it. So I was one of those people. The first time I heard about network marketing, I just fell in love with the concept, I loved the idea of starting your own business without investing money, without risking by getting premises and hiring stuff, I literally could start my own business from my living room and start scaling and are building it up until it becomes it. So I loved it. And that major error in judgment that I made that moment is I assumed that everybody else will love network marketing too. And then I went to my friends, and then I went to my family and then I went to my work colleagues, and most of them didn't join my business. And I was like, “Oh my gosh, how Why would they not join?”

Now something that I fail to understand that those people will eventually join my business if I just keep following up with them, but because I joined the business straight away, I thought, well, everybody should be like that.

So it didn't occur to me that a lot of people in network marketing, they will only join after the second time somebody asks them or third time or fourth or fifth time. A good example is, when you go to a department store, a closed store, and as soon as you walk in a shop, a shop assistant comes to you and goes, “Can I help you?” And what's your initial reaction? What do you say to them? What do you say to the shop assistant who comes to you and goes, “Can I help you?” What do you say to that person?

 I bet you that most of you, you go, “No, I'm just looking.” It's almost like a reflex. It's almost like it's been programmed into us to sort of get rid of salesperson. And we do that all the time. And even though you say that, like, “Oh, no, thanks. I'm just looking.” Two minutes later, you can't find what you're looking and now you're looking for that shop assistant for him to show you where the heck is the thing that you want to find. 
But it's just the way psychology works. So same way, very often when you will approach somebody the first time about your product, or when you approach somebody first time about your business, almost instinctively, that person will say, “No thanks. No thanks. No thanks.” Why? Because they've been programmed to do that. So it doesn't mean no, forever. It means no right now.

And one of the benefits of you building your business through social media is that you can ask again, and again, and again and again, by doing different posts, by doing different promotions, by doing different incentives, raffles, discounts, special offers, and so on, where you can keep attracting that person. So even though the first time they might have said no, the second time they see a special offer on another product, they might say, “Well, actually, let me try it.”

And even approaching people about your business, let's say you approach somebody, you have a friend who you know could really benefit from this business, and you know they could absolutely crush it, they would be absolutely fantastic. And you approach that person about your business and they shoot you down. They go, “No, I'm not interested.” Totally cool, don’t lose your crap over it, don't go mental at this person like, “Why not? Are you stupid or something? What don't you like, more money or?” Don't do that, because that is going to upset people and that's really going to piss people off. Don't do that, instead just go, “Yeah, no problem at all, totally fine. Would it be okay if I followed up with you sometime down the line?” And check up with this person every couple of months because things change in people's lives. People get married, people get divorced, people get jobs, people lose jobs, people get made redundant, people have children they go on maternity leaves, paternity leaves and so on.

So life changes, somebody who has super busy time right now, they've got two jobs and they studying at university and a bunch of things happening might not be a great candidate for your business, but a year down the line, they lost the job, they’re finished university, they’re sitting at home bored out of their head, now they’re ready, they could be a great candidate for your business, if only you reached out. And that's what most people don't do.

They never reach out because the ego gets in the way. “Well, I offered her once. She didn't take it. So screw her.” That's really silly. That's a really bad way of thinking. Right? It's just wasn't the right time for the person, you know, for me, you know, I look at people like a clock. So when a person is at 12 o'clock, they're ready to join my business. But sometimes the person is at 11. They not ready yet. Sometimes they are already at two o'clock, they already joined another business, right? Totally cool, right? So this different timings for people, right?

But if you just stay patient, and you keep in touch with that person, and one of the great ways of following up with them time and time again, is using what we call update plus deflection. So let's say you offered somebody the business and they said, “No, I'm not interested not right now,” maybe six Months later or three months later, you messaged that person and you go, “Hey Nicola hope you're well, I know my business is not for you, but I just qualified for a free holiday to modems maybe you know somebody who would like to get a free holiday and earn some extra cash on the side?” Maybe they don't even respond to you totally cool. Three months later, you go, “Hey, well, I hope you're well. I know you’re not interested in doing my business, but we just launched this new product that I would love you to try out. I think you would really love it. Would you take a look at it? Would you like a sample?”

Again, you know, you let some time pass maybe three, four months later, “Hey, John, how you doing? I know my business is not for you. I know you're not interested in doing business with me. But I just qualified for a free car bonus for my company. Maybe you know somebody would like to get a new car and make some extra income on the side, let me know?” You know what, and you could keep following up with that person until you hit the right time something changed in their life, the situation changed and they go, “You know what? I'm glad you messaged me. I was just thinking about you,” you know, and they join your business. You know, I've heard so many stories.

One of my favourite stories I heard from this lady who was approached about five times about network marketing, and she had a traditional business and many things going on, and she never joined it. And then things changed in her business, her business started going down the hill, she wasn't making a lot of money and her business was really, really bad and she wanted to join our network marketing, but she was too proud to go back to the person who offered her network marketing and say, “Hey, like now I need it.” So she waited another six months for this person to reach out again to her to say yes, I'm ready. Now you know what I mean? But what if that person never reached out to her? She wouldn’t be network marketing, you know what I mean?

So you don't ever disqualify somebody for good forever. Keep reaching out, give people that opportunity. Don't think about it in a way that, “Oh, I'm annoying this person, I'm irritating this person.” Think about it, that you have a solution, you have a benefit for that person, you have a gift for that person a gift of financial freedom, a gift of spending more time with their kids, a gift of getting a free holiday, a gift of getting a new car, which they might have not gotten. So you have this gift to this person, but they might not be ready right now for that gift, but they might be ready in six months in a year and so if you know something is good to that person, why would you ever stop offering it to them? Right?

Once they're ready, they will be ready. So all you have to do is just detached from the outcome. So don't be addicted to the outcome that they have to say yes, they have to join my business because if that's your thoughts. If that's your mind-set, then you will be getting disappointed every day, then you will be getting upset every day like, “Ah they didn’t join again. Oh, they didn't join again,” because you're addicted to them joining like they don't have to join. You know what I mean? Everybody has a free will. So somebody can buy your products and somebody might say no thanks.

Somebody can join your business and somebody can go no thanks. What you should be addicted to is the activity is asking people, “Hey, would you take a look at my business? Hey, would you take a look at my products?” That's the activity. That's what you should be addicted to not the outcome. You shouldn't be addicted to them saying yes, I'll buy your product or yes, I'll take a look at your business because you don't control that. It's that person's choice. So you will get extremely frustrated if you are addicted to that getting that result because it's out of your control. They have to say yes, I'm interested or not.

But what you are in control of is your activity, how many people you reach out. So I know if two people out of 10 say yes to me, then if I want to get 10, I just need to speak to more people, if I want 100 that I need to speak even more people right? But I can control that. I can’t control how many people will say yes or no you know what I mean? So that's really the mind-set right and these are the two reasons why-- I know I’m
 going off the topic wide massively, but the two reasons why most people don't make money in network marketing is because they don't follow up and they don't do the work right. So they just sitting around or they not reaching back out to the same people. And the follow up even goes to your existing customers.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started in home based business was that I was selling a lot of products you know, because of our nature of our products. I used to go to beauty salons, hair dresses in the end we just used to go to any business estate agents, anybody in the local area would just walk in there, tell them about what we do. Leave them the sample kit let them try out come back next day collect the sample couldn't get the orders and I was selling quite a lot but then mistake I made again I assumed that these people will call me back. I thought, “When they run out of products they'll reach me because I gave a business card.” No, they won’t. People are lazy they can't be bothered.

Next time they in the shop they see the same product actually worse product for a lot more money they'll just buy that because it's convenient because it's easy you know so one of the mistakes I did I never at the beginning I didn't make a list of my customers I didn't make a customer base. So I could have sold a lot more products by just reaching back out to those people and say hey, you know how did you like the product would you like to try we've got some new things etc. I never did that. So I lost a lot of sales because I just couldn't follow up with them because I didn't have the details. I gave them my contact details hoping that they will ring me but they never do.

One of the best stories was I went to beauty salon and I sold maybe eight or nine products there. And, then you know like a month passed, two months passed, three months passed, no calls, nothing. I wasn't cool. Maybe they didn't like my product, maybe, you know, they got upset with me because none of them ever called me, you know, and they've really bought a lot of product, right? And then my wife goes into the same beauty salon with the sample kit and everything and they go, “Oh my Gosh, thank God, you are here. We need perfume.” And my wife again sold like 10 bottles in there, right? What does that tell you?

It tells you that people are lazy, you know, you have to do the work for them. You know, like, that's why Amazon now has one click Buy, you know, because people are too lazy to click twice or three times, you know, they just want to press the button once and it gets shipped to them, you know what I mean?

So you need to make it easy for your customers to buy from you. You need to make it easy for your customers to sample your products. You need to make it easy for your customers to see the special offers and the discounts and the new products that you are launching and so on, you know, so maybe you need to have a Facebook group or a WhatsApp group or just you know, use your profile or you know, message them privately once in a while. You're just saying hey, just keeping in touch we've got this brand new product we've got you know 15% of this particular product line you know maybe you'd like to sample it maybe you'd like to try it out and then people go, “Yeah, yeah sure. Yeah.” Don't worry about it. You know that all you know, maybe I'm going to annoy them if you're going to annoy them, trust me, they will tell you right or they'll leave the group or whatever right?

But most people like you to do the work for them. You have to bring it all on the plate and they go, “Yes, I'll buy it. Yes, I'll take it.” People love convenience more than they love anything else. Like when the blockbuster was still around and Netflix started they said, “Oh people will never go for Netflix because people love the experience of coming to the shop, choosing the movie getting some popcorn, getting some drinks.” No, people like to buy movies in their underpants while they're lying in the bed. That's what they like they like convenience. Right? And that's why Netflix win and blockbuster is gone. You know what I mean?

Same with your business if you make it easier to buy from you than anybody else than the shops or other companies, then people will come to you because it's easy because it's simple because it's convenient. You know what I mean? So I know I've been talking too much you know off the topic.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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