2 COOL ways to prospect using Facebook groups

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, February 11, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to give you two cool ways how you can prospect people on Facebook using Facebook groups. So the first strategy is think about where you’re going to travel to in the next few months. So you might have booked already some holidays in certain places, you might be going to have some training, some conference in some places, etc., so think about where are you going to travel next? So then what you do is you go ahead and join the groups in that city or in that country, but best is in that city where you're travelling. So let's say I'm travelling to Las Vegas this year, so I can join a couple of groups on Facebook which are Las Vegas groups and I can start connecting with people there, so I can add some people as friends, start connecting, saying hi, etc., and build up some relationships in those places. 

So when I actually go to Las Vegas, I can message that person and say, “Hey, I’m actually in Las Vegas this week, love to meet up for a cup of coffee.” So what is this? So you already pre built a relationship with that person. And then you go, “Hey, I'm coming to your city. Would you mind meeting up?” And how do you connect with people in those groups? Well, let's say I'm planning to go to Barcelona in the next six months. I'll go to groups in Barcelona, and I might go, “Hey, guys, I'm planning to come to Barcelona, which are the best places to eat, or which is the best hotel to stay or which place is the best to visit.” And guess what, a bunch of people going to go ahead and comment and answer and be helpful, etc., and then I can go ahead and send them a friend request and go, “Hey, john, thanks for letting me know. Thanks for your help. Thanks for the advice, are you from Barcelona? And I can start building a relationship with those people on Facebook before I even go there. So when I actually arrive, I can say, “Hey, would you mind reaching out for a cup of coffee? I like to share something with you. You might find interesting.” So that's first strategy, it’s basically think about the places where you're going to travel and then go and connect with those people. 

The second strategy for connecting with people using Facebook groups is, again, a lot of people, they join the groups because of the amount of people out there or whatever, but then they go, “Well, I don't know what to talk to people about in those groups.” So why not, instead, to think about what you like to talk about. So you might have some hobbies, you might like fishing, you might like knitting, you might like chess, you might like horses. So think about what do you like already? What are your hobbies, maybe you like travelling, maybe you like sports, maybe like football, maybe you like basketball.

Think about all of your hobbies and then go and join groups that are related to that. Will that not be easier to make conversation with those people? So wouldn't it be easier to build a relationship with those people, that you already have something in common with them, that you already have something that you can talk to them about. So let's say you like motorbikes, so you go and join a bunch of motorbike groups and guess what, one; you'll be able to give value in those groups because if people have questions or they put post, you will be able to make intelligent comments not just, “wow, lol, great”, you’re actually going to be able to contribute and go, “Hey, I like this year, this year was a good year for this motorbike, I don't know what I'm talking about, but you can actually contribute and build real relationships with people who like the same stuff you like right and then there's a chance that they will send you a friend request or even if you send them a friend request, they'll be a lot more likely to accept your friend request because they'll go well this guy likes the stuff I like, he commented on bunch of my posts, etc. 

So it's much easier than to build a relationship with somebody you already have something in common and then you can prospect them. If they’re open, you can ask, would you be open and give them an out. So these are the two strategies very easy to use on Facebook groups to find people to build relationships with people and then eventually to go ahead and prospect them. 

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