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I want to share 13 ways how to increase your vibrations, how to improve your frequency, how to raise your vibe. So if you are interested, stay on, it’s going to be quiet awesome. So, as you know, recently, about a month ago, couple of weeks ago, we were in Las Vegas attending GoPro training and one of the speakers there was a very, very amazing lady called Emily Vavra. I really liked her style, I really like the ideas she shares.

One of the things she shared is how to raise your vibration and you've probably noticed that there are people who are like magnetic, there are people who attract other people to them, that person walks into the room and the whole room lights up, they come into a party and everybody goes like, “Oh my gosh, thank god you came.” You must have noticed that there are type of people who really radiate good energy, who really inspire other people, who really attract people to them, and it's not by accident, it's all on purpose.

Very often you'll find that these people, these magnetic people, these exciting people, they have certain traits, or they do certain things in a certain way to cause them to be that type of a person. And basically, it's a lot about energy, right? How to have this good energy, how to have this attraction too? So I'm going to share with you a couple of ideas how you can raise your vibe so you can start radiating better energy and you can start attracting better people.

First tip is practice gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions, when you feel gratitude, you can't feel hate, you can't feel anger, you can't feel jealousy. When you feel ungrateful, you can't feel any of those negative emotions. So start practicing gratitude. Start maybe gratitude journal where you can note everyday few things you're grateful for. And this way, again, when you practicing that, you will be filled with good feelings. This way, you're radiating better feelings.

Tip number two is love. I know it's like cliché but love on people. Too many people are just trying hard, just hustle, hustle, hustle, but sometimes, we need to just show people that we care. We need to just show people that we love, because if we show somebody, like, I know one of my mentors said, “Imagine that every person that you need wears a sign around their neck. They're wearing a sign and the sign says, make me feel important. Make me feel important.”

And how else could you make somebody feel important than if you show love, if you love on them? Whether that's your customer, whether that's your team member, whether that's a potential customer or prospect, if you show love to these people, there's no way how they cannot like you, when they see that you genuinely love that person. So that's like stage one.

Stage two, you need to start loving people who normally you wouldn't love. Nobody you would hate on them. So for me, I'm practicing love when I'm driving. So when a person cuts in front of me, or when a when an old age pension is driving 15 miles an hour in front of me, I’m practicing love, I'm practicing love, I’m trying to love that person with all my might because sometimes it's not easy.

Number three. Tip number three is generosity. Be generous. If you tip in, tip extra. And generosity is not just about money, like being generous with your time. Giving somebody your time can be incredible, for that person can be amazing. So be generous, whichever way you can always try to be generous.

Number four is forgiveness. Just forgive people, and one of my all time favourite quotes is by Nelson Mandela. And the quote is about resentment. And he says, “Resenting somebody is like drinking poison and hoping that your enemy dies. Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping that your enemy dies.” Of course, that can happen right? If you drink poison, only you will die. So same with resentment, when you hating somebody, when you’re resenting another person, they don't give a crap that you're resenting them, but it's causing harm in your body. So just release that and forgive people.

Number five is eat good food. It's so easy because your rush, rush, rush just to eat junk, eat junk, eat junk and it can really, really cause again, low energy, low mood, etcetera. Food has been shown to have a massive impact to your life, so try to eat healthier this year, try to put some better fuel, you wouldn't put bad fuel in your Ferrari because you want that car to drive well, so why would you put bad fuel in your own body? I remember my one of my favourite mentors is Zig Ziegler, rest in peace now, he used to say if you bought a $200,000 racehorse, you wouldn't let it drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and stay up till three o'clock in the morning, would you? Of course you wouldn't because it's a prized horse, $200,000 so why would you do that to your own body?

Number six is meditation. Practice meditation and again, some of you will go, “Oh, meditation.” Meditation just means thinking. Just think stop for few minutes a day and maybe in the morning when you first get up, just relax your body, sit down and let your mind think for a minute, instead of rush, rush, rush, got to run, got to run, got to run, let your mind think for a minute and you will be surprised with the ideas you'll come up with.

Number seven, is reduce or eliminate alcohol and other toxins in your body. And I know some of us would like a drink, but again, if you can reduce that, because some people really take too much of it, like drink every day, and that's a bit too much for your body. It’s toxins and things like that. So try to clean your body up a bit if you want higher energy.

Number eight, think positive thoughts. Something that I've been teaching people for about eight, nine years now is that I don't watch news, I don't read newspapers and I don't listen to news on the radio, because it's full of negative information. And if I put negative information in my head, I'll have negative thoughts. So instead, I choose to read positive stuff, to watch positive stuff, etcetera, which gives me positive ideas, and then I have positive thoughts. So work on that again this year.

Number nine, it's similar thing, it's about what we think we become. So stop thinking about bad things in your life, like anxiety for example or fear of something happening is like negative goal setting. So if you think, “Oh, what if that happens, or what if this happens?” You’re literally attracting that stuff to your life. So think positively. Instead of thinking, “Oh, what bad could happen, what could go wrong?” Instead, read your goals, what could go right? So think positive thoughts because what you think, that's what you're going to become.

Number 10 is consume a high vibe music, books, TV, movies. Choose to watch things that's going to inspire you, choose to listen to things that's going to inspire you not to depress you. Some of this music is bloody depressing. So like, you don't want to listen to that stuff because again, that's programming your mind.

Number 11, surround yourself with beauty. What does that even mean? Well, nature, art, things like that, like just go places, see some nice things instead of just really compressing yourself in this depressing environment. So, try to find time to go and smell the roses and see the beautiful things and maybe watch a documentary about blue planet or something, just watch nice things. Let your brain see the beauty of The world around you not just depressing crap.

Number 12, be outside, spend some time outside, especially as the home base builders, it's so easy sometimes just to be home all day. Like, some days I realized, oh my gosh, it's like eight o'clock at night and I haven't been outside yet today, because like you get up and you just work in front of your computer, in front of your phone. So spend some time outside and have a walk, whatever. Just find some time, walk the dog or something. Go into the backyard and have a cup of tea in the backyard to breathe some fresh air, to get some energy.

And finally, number 13 be sure that your relationships are vibrating high too, it’s high vibe, because again, sometimes the people that we surround ourselves can really drag us down. So again, on purpose, expose yourself to a higher quality people. So I know you're not going to quit on your family and quit on your friends now because they're not you know up to the standard but try on purpose, find to spend some time with people who can inspire you, who you can look up to, who you can learn something. I love the saying, if you're a smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room.

So try and find time to spend around people who are more smarter than you, who are more achieved than you, who are better than you so you can learn something, you can get inspired, you can get energized, because in this business, you always giving your energy to other people, you need to charge up somewhere too and very often when you spending time around people who on the higher level than you, you really absorb their energy and you and you recharge your own batteries too. So these are my 13 tips, guys.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group http://titaniumsuccess.co.uk/successtraining.php. There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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