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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, June 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about becoming an expert. I was listening to the good old John Maxwell today and he shared one of the concepts that I had some time ago. But it was a reminder today that it takes one hour a day for five years to become an expert at something.

He said his story was about leadership. He's now like the number one leadership guru in the world, because he's written like 100 books about leadership. He's done seminars and he's like the leadership guy in the whole world. But he said, “When I decided to be the leadership person, I was not a leadership guru.” But he said, “I just decided to study for one hour a day for five years, all about leadership.”

So he started reading books. He started watching seminars, he started attending courses, listening to audios and doing everything he could to invest in himself in that one topic. And now he's like, number one authority on leadership, written loads of books and everything. Does this apply just to leadership and just to john Maxwell? Well, of course not.

If you chose network marketing as your vehicle to become financially free, to reach the goals of your life, to change the lives of other people, then how do you become an expert in network marketing? Same way, one hour a day for five years, would you do that? Would you spend an hour a day to study network marketing, to read about network marketing, to watch about network marketing, to listen about network marketing, to attend seminars about network marketing and so on, to basically live it in order to become an expert.

Because think about it, if you read for an hour a day, if you watched for an hour a day, if you attended seminars all about home based business, all about network marketing, all about sales, leadership, did you think you would not become a master of it? Do you think you would not become an expert of it? Of course you would. That accumulated knowledge would raise your value so much that you will become an expert in it. People would come and join your team. You would be recruiting people a lot easier. You'd be selling products a lot easier, because you became a master of it. So that's the key my friends, nothing comes easy.

Most people expect something for nothing. Most people expect to get rich quick. So most people expect to be a millionaire's in a week and it doesn't work like that. Very, very, very rarely it happens. Most of the time people who do become successful, they become successful over time.

But would you give five years to completely transform your life? Would you give five years to completely change your income, your business, your everything. I would, but you have to make that decision and then follow through. Even on the days when you don't feel like it. Take that book and read it, even when you don't feel like it, play the video and keep investing, keep learning, keep learning, keep learning, because that will make you an expert and being an expert will make you an awesome income.

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